Horse Riding for Fitness

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Have you go the fitness bug but are struggling to get into classes as the crowds of non- gym goers fill the room at the start of the year, all determined to stick to this year’s new year’s resolutions?

Are you losing motivation to go to strength training or swimming or your usual fitness activities?

Perhaps the sheen has just come off your current programme and you simply need to shake it up with something a bit different from endless cardio classes?

Have you considered how you can use horse riding as a really valid way of keeping fit?


Why Riding

Horse riding originated around 4500 BC and has always had a place in society with many different functions from transport and aiding in farm work to fitness and entertainment. When something has gone on for that many years, you know there has to be something to it. Today horse-riding is a life skill that could even contribute to your CV as well as provide a fitness and leisure activity with an average session torching on average 350 calories an hour .

Not only that but you look pretty cool on the back of a horse, from cowgirls to dressage champions and from kids at the local riding school to Lady Mary in Downton, there is something about being horseback that screams of sophistication, authority, power and plain, downright cool-ness.

Getting Started

When you first get started it is likely that you won’t be looking at owning a horse, unless you already own one of course! So to get started, simply look in the local area for riding schools and get in touch to arrange for a taster session and some lessons. If you decide that horse riding is for you then you can look at pet ownership, but remember that they can be an expensive animal to keep in both time and money. More on ownership below.

Horse Care


Whilst you are using your horse to keep yourself fit as a fiddle it is important to make sure that they are being kept equally fit. Even if you have a stabled horse it is your responsibility to make sure that standards are good enough and that all of your horses needs are met. Make sure that your horse is mucked out daily, fed a balanced diet and given any supplements it may need. In addition, it is important that you spend time with your horse when you are not just working and mucking out. This helps build a stronger bond and keep you both safe when you are out together and happy in each other’s company.

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