Hosting a Dinner Party? Don’t Forget These

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When you’re getting ready to host a dinner party, there are so many details to consider. From finding the perfect glasses for cocktails to deciding how to best seat all your guests, organizing a dinner party can quickly become overwhelming. To transform your party from a stress to a success, make sure to have the five items listed below. If you’re looking to make your dinner the ultimate night to remember, partner with a company that specializes in San Diego event rentals

  • Have Plenty of Tables 

The first rule of a dinner party is to make sure that your guests have a place to eat their dinner. While a dinning room table may work for very small parties, when it comes to larger groups, adequate dinning space can quickly become an issue. Instead of resorting to folding tables that will remind guests of a backyard barbeque more than an elegant dinner, connect with a company that provides table rentals. You can find tables that match your interior design scheme and your guests can relax in style. 

  • Up the Ante With a Side Bar

No dinner party is complete without drinks, so liven up the night with a side bar. This is an elegant way to display the different drinks you have on offer and it also gives guests an easy way to mix their own cocktails. You can use a specially designed side bar or simply decorate a small table that you already own. Whatever you decide on, be sure to leave enough space on the bar for guests to set down their glasses while making drinks. To receive expert advice on dinner party furnishings, connect with a company that handles event rentals Austin

  • Get Creative With Glasses 

After creating a beautiful side bar, make sure you have the perfect glasses to go along with it. Whether you want to serve crisp, bubbly champagne or whip up Moscow Mules, having the right glasses for classic cocktails is a detail that can elevate your dinner party from good to great. But instead of going out and buying glasses that you may never use again, get vintage glassware rentals. 

  • Use Place Cards

Don’t shy away from using place cards. If you are hosting a dinner party where not all the guests know one another, place cards are a great way to introduce new people to each other. They can also solve the awkward situation of your guests not knowing where to sit at the dinner table. Even if your guests are already friends, place cards can help shake up the usual dynamic and spark new conversations. 

  • PutCandles Around the Room

Nothing creates a relaxed and elegant atmosphere like candles. To give your home warm, gentle lighting without risking an accidental fire, place candlesin clear jars or vases. Don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on candles. Simple, white candles look lovely and can be very budget friendly.

But the most important thing when hosting a dinner party is to take the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy being with your guests. To create the ultimate stress-free evening, rent important items like tables and glassware from the professionals at a company that handles event rentals Austin

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