How to Buy, Maintain and Sell Property in Portugal 

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It’s one of the sunniest and most fabulously vibrant countries in Europe, and Portugal has long been one of the preferred tourist destinations for individuals and families who like a splash of sun, sea and sand in their summer holidays. But, instead of spending above the odds on a rental villa in this Atlantic-fringed paradise, plenty of people have decided instead to invest in property there. This article is all about how to get the property in the first place, and how to maintain and sell it on should you wish to deal with property in the sunny climes of Portugal.

Buying or Inheriting Portuguese Property

It’s unsurprising that to purchase or inherit property in Portugal, you have to be aware of the laws and regulations governing such a transaction in order to do so within the bounds of the law. The last thing you want is for your purchase on the coastline of Portugal to descend into a legal battle.

If you’re inheriting a property owned by a deceased loved one, you should visit lawyers who are familiar with inheritance laws in Portugal. Meanwhile, if you’re purchasing for the first time, you should instead ensure that you’re working alongside solicitors who are able to guide you through your transaction, translating where possible or necessary. In both cases, you need the legal paperwork to show you’re the sole and rightful owner of the property in question.

Maintenance in Portugal

When it comes to maintaining your home in Portugal, you have a number of options. First and foremost for many holiday home vacationers is to simply pay for a part-time groundsman or house-watcher, who can keep your property in excellent condition throughout the winter months so that you’re able to jet off to it at a moment’s notice when the weather’s good.

Meanwhile, you might also choose to enact a property guardianship or work-away option – both of which require you to sign up to different websites of travellers who are able to perform maintenance duties. Finally, you may also choose simply to employ local handymen. For this option, it’s important you know how to translate your English into Portuguese: otherwise, you may find the wrong work has been done to the house!

Selling Your Villa

Sometimes, we’re forced to confront the fact that our villa or holiday home in Portugal is simply too difficult to maintain and keep as part of your asset portfolio. At such times, it’s important to find a way to sell your property for a decent price. You will, again, need to think about how to do this with the help of legal professionals in Portugal – though, often, you’ll be transacting with other English tourists who are excited to secure their own holiday home.

Once you’ve found a buyer for your villa, all you’ll have to do is finish off the deal with the solicitors, hand over the keys, and wave goodbye to the holiday home that’s given you so much over the years.

These tips are for those dealing with property in Portugal, showing you how to buy, maintain and sell your villa in this jewel of Europe’s coastline. 

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