How To Celebrate Best Friends Day During Covid-19

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Thoughtful Ways To Celebrate Best Friends Day

Show Your Best Friend You Love Them With These Kind Gestures

June 2021: Best Friends Day on June 8th sparks an opportunity to show your best friend how much you appreciate their friendship especially after a year of covid restrictions.

Friendships are an indestructible bond that join many people together in beautiful ways. Celebrating best friends day is one of the ways you can acknowledge your best friend and show how much you love them. 

Canvas printing experts Parrot Print have collated a list of thoughtful gestures to show your bestie just how much you love them:

Make a scrapbook:

Sharing pictures is a great way to cherish a friendship and to hold onto physical copies of your favourite memories which can last a lifetime. Gather a selection of images of you and your best friend, including any embellishments or extra physical memories holding sentimental value such as train tickets or cards. Purchase a scrapbook and then add all of your memories. Add whatever you like to the scrapbook to make it personal to your special friendship, don’t forget to update the scrapbook with many memories to come!

Treat box:

Show your best friend you know them better than anyone else by creating an ultimate treat box filled with their favourite goodies. Add their favourite snacks, treats and drinks to a hamper or gift bag to put a smile on their face; plus, they might  even share with you!

Lunch date:

Whether it’s a lunch date, coffee catch-up or a takeaway, you can celebrate best friends day by spending quality time with each other whilst enjoying your favourite meal together. Pick a place which is sentimental to your friendship and reflect on all the happy memories you hold together.

Surprise them:

Plan a surprise day for your best friend filled with your favourite activities to do together. Book activities you may not always have the time to do, such as a trip to the cinema or visiting your favourite shops. By keeping the day a surprise your best friend will appreciate the gesture even more knowing you have taken the time to plan a day filled with special activities.

Send a gift:

If you can’t see your best friend, or live far apart, you can still show them how much you appreciate them on this day. Why not send a gift straight to their front door? This could be a card, a canvas of a picture of you both or a bunch of flowers. Although you can’t be together, you will still be able to celebrate the day and feel just as loved with a thoughtful gift.

Virtually celebrate:

A cheaper alternative to celebrate the day if you have a long distance friendship is to plan a virtual get-together. Plan an evening of games to play over zoom, or a quiz to test your knowledge on how well you know each other? Grab your favourite snacks and have a fun catch up with your best friend.

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