How To Cover Over Glaring Flaws In Your Home

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Ceiling Tiles

Someone thought in the 70s the thing to do was to create artex on ceilings, sometimes known as popcorn style.  Hugely dated and very hard to get rid of – they can really drag the look of the room down, as well as your wellbeing.  Ceiling tiles are a really quick and easy way to cover the popcorn over with something much more in line with your modern style!  You’d be surprised how chic they look if picked correctly.


If you have some pretty unsightly walls that you can’t bear to look at any more, maybe it would take too long to fix all the bad bits – even just a cheap basic wallpaper to cover it over in the meantime.  It’s hard at the moment getting in contractors to finish some of these types of jobs but anyone can put up wallpaper – even if it’s on an accent wall

Wall Mural

These are a bit different to wallpaper in that they usually have one picture at their central theme so the putting up has to be seamless.  Sometimes you get maps, forest scenes or giant floral displays – there are thousands out there to choose from at not to expensive a price.  Great for a kids room if you have a global map so they can learn from it too.


We’ve used a Moroccan Handira wedding blanket as a tapestry before, gorgeous antique sequined blanket made by the Berber people for their brides.  If there’s a tatty bit of wall – chuck up something pretty – it could be a really light cool rug, IKEA do some hanging rugs which are nice or maybe just a chic bit of fabric?


Kinda like a squeezy tube of Polyfilla, this handy and quick mending tool will take your dinged up walls to a level where they are all nice and smooth and ready for painting.  It can also squeeze into cracks and holes on surrounding skirting etc to keep those lines nice and smooth too.

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