Ways To Create The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Area Of Your Dreams

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When looking to renovate a bathroom, it’s important to take the time to make the right decisions to create a bathroom that suits both the homeowner and the home. It can therefore be very useful for homeowners thinking of renovating to browse online for bathroom inspiration. There are often stylish bathroom trends to find on Instagram and also plenty of inspiration from celebrity bathrooms too. 

Free-standing bathtubs, white interiors, and large vanity mirrors, are just some popular bathroom features that a lot of people, and celebrities, are using in their homes right now. One of the most used areas of a bathroom is often the vanity space. But sometimes homeowners might spend too little time creating the vanity area that they love while they focus on other aspects of the bathroom. 

Transform the area with stylish new tiles

Tiles play a very big role when renovating or decorating a bathroom. That is why it’s important to get the right tiles that fit the bathroom vanity space. There are many different designs, colours, and finishes of tiles to choose from depending on personal preference. Tile specialists such as Mosaic Village provide a wide range of stylish tiles that can help to transform a vanity space. Glass mosaic tiles are available in a variety of colours and can be perfect to use for a focal wall or backsplash in a vanity area. If homeowners are wanting to also create a relaxing bathroom environment this year, their guide on creating a spa-like bathroom includes plenty of useful design tips. 

Homeowners could create a serene and peaceful home spa and ocean-like vanity area with a range of blues and greens or create a minimalist design with pristine white tiles. It’s also important to remember that tiling a vanity area is also about the grouting too. For a vanity focal wall or bathroom backsplash, homeowners can experiment with traditional or more vibrant grouting colours for their tiling.

Make it more personal with a his & hers sink

Depending on budget and also if there is space, then a stylish addition to any bathroom could be having two sinks rather than one. If more than one person is using the bathroom, a double sink can often be the best choice so that there is no waiting to use the sink. With a double sink, homeowners can personalise their side of the vanity area and decorate how they would like to. 

Using separate storage cabinets on either side can help couples or roommates store their own items in their own personal space. When considering a double sink in a vanity area, it’s important to still consider the space that it will take up in the bathroom. Perhaps that space can be best utilised with something else instead. 

Think about what should and should not go on display

In small bathrooms, a lot of products might be on display if there is no storage space or spare room. But when creating a tidy vanity area it can be useful to consider what needs to be out on display and what doesn’t. For a neat and organised vanity area, homeowners could just display the most frequently used items such as soap, hand cream, and everyday skincare products. Items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and more, can be stored neatly out of sight in a cabinet.

For small bits and bobs, trinket trays can be a stylish accessory to make a bathroom feel more organised. Easily misplaced items such as earrings, rings, and hairclips, can easily be kept in a trinket tray. If there is space, empty corners of the vanity area could be decorated with bathroom plants or scented candles to create a relaxing serene space. 

Carefully consider which layout is best

While there are many aspects to consider in bathroom interior design, it’s also important to consider how the bathroom will be used in the future. More often that not, nowadays a lot of people use their bathrooms as selfie spots with large beautiful mirrors. Particularly because of the great lighting that is available. If taking bathroom selfies is one of the future purposes of the bathroom area, then it can be useful to consider what might be seen and captured in the photo. Rather than capturing the toilet behind you, you might want to capture a stylish tiled wall instead.

Consider where the vanity space will be best suited. Maybe the vanity area would look best opposite the bathtub for easy storage of bathroom products and towels. A vanity area with a large counter top could also be perfect for displaying bathroom plants, as well as hand towels and shampoos. Considering the bathroom layout should be one of the most important things to consider to see whether there is space, budget, and practicality, for a desired vanity area.

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