How To Style a Bed for a Boho-Chic Vibe

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The Boho-Chic decor trend is an updated expression of the Bohemian interior design style that brings a fresh modern approach. 

The Boho-Chic movement achieved massive popularity during the last couple of years, and it remains a quick way to infuse a fresh new look even on a limited budget. 

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The key to achieving a Boho-Chic vibe is to carefully present a purposefully messy look using a mix of colours and various elements like pillows, throws, rugs, tapestry, trinkets and different furniture types without any intention of matching or adhering to a specific style. You can also find 5 Jaw-Dropping Bedroom Styles to Try in 2021 – including Boho-Chic over at Bedstar.

To achieve this look in your bedroom, you need to include bright colours, layers, pattern, rugs, fringe, crochet and natural elements such as hanging plants. 

As the bed remains a focal point in your sleeping sanctuary, you need to make sure your centrepiece will breathe the same spirit. 

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We have put together some simple tricks on how to style the bed to help you achieve this sought-after look yourself. 

If you`re on the hunt for the perfect boho-chic bed, you can choose a wooden bed for a safe bet. Look for organic shapes, carved wood and light-coloured solid wood frames. Start with painting your bedroom walls in pure white to create a beautiful backdrop for your wooden bed. 

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Even a classic wooden bed can be given a boho-chic look with these simple rules:

  • Add duvets. A boho-chic bed is full of inspirational, dreamy textures. To achieve this, look for ruffled duvet covers. Make sure your duvet is nice and thick, and let it spill over the edges. 
  • Choose linen duvet covers. The boho-chic vibe promotes that imperfect look for your bed. Linen covers will be a great choice as they naturally wrinkle to help you achieve that undone nonconformist charm.
  • Opt for oversized beddings. To make your bed look warm and cosy, you need to add some volume to it. To achieve this, the easiest way is to use oversized beddings. For example, try a king-size duvet on a queen size bed as longer items are much more inviting than bedding that is too short. 
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  • Create that imperfect look. The good think about the boho-chic vibe is that your bedroom doesn`t have to look like a hotel room. A boho bed will always have that undone feel like it is just there waiting for you to crawl back into. 
  • Choose tasselled bedding. The more tasselly your bedding accessories are, the more bohemian it`s going to feel. Hanging bits and unfussy looks will always do the trick. 
  • Add layers. You can do this by overlaying pom pom throws, chunky textural knits or faux furs. Whatever you choose, just make sure you let them hang effortlessly, and they will provide the perfect contrast for your wooden bed to sit on. 
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  • Extra pillows. A boho-chic bed will always love some accents colours, so don`t be afraid to use some colour and patterns in your choice of pillows. 
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The beauty of the boho-chic? There are never too many pillows. 

  • Innovative improvised headboards. If your wooden bed doesn’t have a headboard, the beauty of the boho-chic style is that you can improvise one. You can simply opt for a beautiful tapestry, an oversized dream catcher or a decorative hanging macrame. 
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So there you have it – our simple little tricks to help you steal that Boho-Chic look yourself.

We hope this helped your journey create that super warm and inviting statement piece in your bedroom. 

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