How to create a home that promotes self-care

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Self-care and mindfulness are two buzzwords that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The practice of being aware of your own needs and health is being implemented not just in people’s personal lives, but also in their professional lives, too. It’s, therefore, no surprise that wellness is becoming a lifestyle choice more than ever. If we were to take that lifestyle choice and implement it in our own homes, it would perhaps make coming home after work a much more therapeutic experience. So, if you’re planning on implementing a little more self-care into your home, where do you start?


A cluttered home can often create a cluttered mind. Coming back to an apartment or house that’s full of untidy laundry, empty wrappers and unnecessary junk can cause background stress and annoyance. Before you start transforming your home into the getaway of your dreams, it’s a good idea to start tidying and ridding your home of unnecessary clutter. Creating two bags – one for regular rubbish and one for recycling – will help you organise as you go along. Or why not consider regifting unwanted presents – it’s a great way to get a gift into the hands of the person who would appreciate it the most!

Turn your bathroom into a spa

When you get ready for work or bed, one of the most revitalising practices is bathing. Whether it’s your skin cleansing routine, your favourite bubble bath or best shower scrub, the bathroom is often a place of sanctuary, whether we realise it or not. Therefore, you could give your self-care routine a boost by transforming your bathroom into a spa. Adding fresh eucalyptus around the shower head, refreshing the paint, and (if you’re feeling fancy) outlining mirrors and cabinets in gold can add a luxurious touch. 

Make your bedroom comfortable

Sleep is incredibly important for day-to-day function. Getting plenty of shut-eye helps us function better during the day at work, reduces cravings, and helps mellow our moods. Prioritising your bedroom comfort might just help convince you to turn off your phone a little earlier. Finding comfortable and stylish beds online at online shops like Luluna will help you to match your bed to your room’s design. 

Utilise scent

When it comes to the senses in the home, it’s not just sight we should be working with. Filling our home with relaxing and pleasant smells can create an atmosphere that is soothing. Adding candles, scented waxes and incense can create a spa-like atmosphere for very little money. Lavender oil is known to have particularly relaxing properties.

Open up the kitchen 

Cooking can be incredibly stressful if our counters are cluttered if the space available isn’t being utilised properly. This is a great shame as cooking is one of the most therapeutic activities available, particularly if you’re a bit of a foodie. Maximising your kitchen space or having a re-design could be transformative for how you cook. 

Having a home that’s pleasant to spend time in could have a surprising impact on your self-care routine. Cooking from fresh more often, getting to sleep on time and spending relaxing evenings in the bath could be just the boost to your lifestyle that you need. 

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