How to Decorate Your Study

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It’s a room dedicated to knowledge and focus. You might work from home and use it as your office, your kids might use it for their homework or it’s used as a reading room. Whatever its purpose, a study should be a space that helps create a scholarly atmosphere. Below are just a few items that you could place in your study room to make it the perfect place to focus your mind or simply to relax in.

The perfect desk

No study is complete without a desk to work on and write down your thoughts. Make sure that it’s a good height for you to sit and work from, as crouching down is both bad for your posture and uncomfortable, which will be distracting. Finding a good chair to accompany your desk is also important for this reason. 


A study simply isn’t a study without some books in it. Keeping them stored away neatly will not only make the room look tidier, but it will also help to maintain your concentration levels. Sitting in a cluttered room can have negative impacts on both your ability to focus, and on your mood, so bookshelves are an effective way of keeping your mind on whatever it is that you’re working on. 

Stylish rugs

A rug is a great accessory to bring any room together, especially if you want to bring a more vintage element to your décor. This is no different when styling your study, and if you want it to look like and old library room, or feel like it belongs to a writer from years gone by, then a rug is a must-have. Places such as the have hundreds of wonderful antique rugs available that you can add to your wish list. 

Filing cabinets

These can be useful for keeping your work organized, as well as keeping the study tidy. For important items like your passports and other legal documents, having a filing cabinet in which to store these will make them easier to find when you need them. You don’t have to get the bulky, metal kind of cabinets either, there’s a range to choose from that can fit in with the style that you have chosen for your study. 


Having some pictures hanging on the study walls can be a nice touch to bring the room together. You might opt to have some motivational posters, if that’s what gets you going for work, or perhaps choosing a drawing or photograph of an idyllic, peaceful landscape would help you to focus or relax when reading a good book. 

A comfortable couch

If there’s space in your study, adding a comfortable and stylish couch could truly bring the room together. The desk is a space for writing and working more than anything else, and the couch is a good spot for reading or listening quietly to your favourite podcast. If you do use your study as a home office, a couch will provide a comfortable seat for clients or business associates when they come to you for meetings. 

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