Creating a Cosy Living Room

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For most, the living room is the heart of the home – a haven in which to relax and retreat from the challenges of the day. So, the cosier the better. Here are some ideas on how to make your living room as snug as it can possibly be. 

Find the perfect sofa

You will spend most of your time sitting or lounging on your sofa when you’re in your living room. Finding the perfect one for you is very important when trying to create a cosy place to unwind at the end of the day. There are endless options – so find the style that suits you best. Corner sofas are very good for cuddling. Usually they allow at least two people to put their feet up comfortably without the use of a footstool. However, they are quite large, so they might not be the best fit for smaller living rooms. 

Comfy cushions and throws

Once you have found the perfect sofa, it’s time to accessorise it with some beautiful cushions. Go for large ones that you can place behind your back to keep you supported as you sit. Also, they can be used as a pillow if you are lying down to watch your favourite TV show or film. Throws are another wonderful addition that can bring an extra cosy-factor to the room. They are useful for protecting your sofa from spills and other muck, but also can be used as a blanket for when you want to snuggle up in the evenings. 


There is nothing better than a hot bath with a glass of wine after a long week. You can extend that feeling of comfort to your living room by adding candlelight to enhance the relaxing atmosphere, casting serene lighting and making everything feel truly cosy. Scented candles are recommended, however standard tea-lights or pillar candles work just as well. 


A fireplace is the ultimate cosy feature. Think cold winter nights with a good book and a hot chocolate as you sit by a crackling, glowing fire – perfection. You might be lucky enough to have a traditional fireplace in your home – many old Victorian villas and terraces still have theirs in place although sadly, some have been boarded up by previous home-owners. There might be an electric or gas fire instead, or perhaps even a log-burner.

All of these are wonderful additions to your living room to create a cosy atmosphere, but if you don’t have any of them, fear not. Balanced Flue gas fires are an option for the modern living space, they don’t require a traditional chimney already in place, therefore can be installed easily in most homes. There really is no reason why anyone should miss out on the comfort of a fireplace on a cold night! 

There you have it, see how many of these you have already in your living room and if some are missing, what are you waiting for? Add them in! 

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