Top Six Features Every New Kitchen Should Have

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There are a few generations of kitchens that can be found in UK homes, and in almost every single one of them, there are aspects that you will want to be changed. Very rarely will you own a home that has a kitchen back from the 1800s, much more likely, it will have been revamped during a questionable design decade. 

What can you do about it?

It is almost a rite of passage for a new homeowner to plan and execute a kitchen redesign, but with so many options and kitchens out there to take inspiration from this can be hard. You need to narrow down not just a great kitchen design, but a timeless design that works with your home. Once you have narrowed your design choices down, then all you need is to find a great bespoke kitchens designer to help you form those designs into a workable reality and bring your new kitchen to life. 

By giving yourself time in the first step you will be far happier with the final result, so take your time and consider the top elements kitchens should have and how they can be included into your kitchen space: 

Accessible Storage Space 

Having cupboards with shelves that are too high to reach is absolutely pointless. You will only ever store items you use once a year if that and otherwise have dead space in your kitchen you don’t need. Instead, you need accessible and working solutions for your storage. A corner, rotating shelf in the corner cabinet, for example, is a lifesaver. 

A Comfortable Floorplan 

If you are bumping your hip on corners and always struggling to move around even just one other person in the kitchen then you need to rethink the floorplan. There are many ways to make even a small kitchen more functioning by opening it up. 

Timeless Design Elements 

You want your kitchen to work well within your interior design. You also want to try as much as possible to design a kitchen that stays beautiful throughout your lives there and beyond. To accomplish this, you need to forget trends and instead think about timeless elements like: 

  • Woods 
  • Stones
  • Metals
  • Ceramics 

Space for Modern Amenities 

When designing the floorplan of your new kitchen, you will want to consider which modern amenities you want and how you can include them. A dishwasher, for example, is almost a must at this point no matter how committed you are to cleaning your dishes by hand. If you want a kitchen that is clean and dirty-dish free, then sacrificing cupboard space to put a dishwasher is a must. 

Plenty of Dining and Socialising Space 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it could easily become the social centre of the home. If you have a dining room next to your kitchen, see if you can knock down the wall or at least open it up with a window to the kitchen so that you can cook and socialize all at once. 

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