How to Easily Update Your Living Space

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The quality of the space you live in is inextricably linked to your wellbeing. Living in a place that does not make you comfortable or inspired, one that does not amplify how you personally live – that is a space that isn’t doing its job.

Design is a critical aspect to creativity and happiness. It’s why you pause whenever you see a great looking room on social media, and why art is universal and ubiquitous. Thankfully, changing your home’s décor is easier than you may think, meaning you can create a space that’s both beautiful and completely you.

Minimise What You Have

To update your living space, it is always wise to go through what you have and determine whether you truly value it. Does it actually better your life? By minimizing what you have, you can keep what you love and have space to update your home’ décor. Minimalism is a lifestyle where you let go of meaningless possessions and keep your space open and free.

Be Sure to Experiment

The funny thing about design is that you can create a harmonious theme with different, unique items that should technically not match at all. Of course, matching colour and material can help you create a uniform flow throughout your room, all while being creative and experimental with your design. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to one colour theme or style. Nowadays people are loosening the reigns on uniformity, and are instead experimenting. Loud colours are being paired with softer materials, while pastel hues can be found on animal print.

Find Statement Accessories

Similar to how statement jewellery can help bring the wow factor to any outfit, so too can accessories in a home. Be sure to look at all your options; Banbayu has many stunning options in terms of lighting and furniture that will help you tie in any room together with class and finesse. Plus, all their furniture is also ethically sourced. Rather than settle on the usual accessories found in home magazines, look for something a bit different. Accessories can create a strong visual for your home, be it lamps, coffee tables, or vases.

Be Patient

It can be tempting to get everything done in a weekend, but the best designs are those built over time. Not only will this allow you to truly understand what new pieces your room needs, but it can also help you save up for more beautiful, durable, and ethical pieces that will help make your home worthy of its own magazine spread.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to design, but knowing and understanding how concepts work together can help you choose the right pieces from the start. Above all else, though, don’t treat this as a weekend project. Take your time and thoroughly consider all your options. Think of your favourite colour schemes, what mood you wish to create, and how you can achieve it through furniture and lighting.


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