How to Get a Pinterest Worthy Room

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You can’t scroll through Pinterest or Instagram without seeing a room which looks like it’s stepped straight out of a John Lewis catalog. If you one day dream of having one of these oh so perfect places to call your own, you’re not alone! So, we have found some ways to help people like you achieve that Pinterest worthy room. The effortless, elegant look seems impossible, however, a few extra touches to your space and you’re halfway there! Just follow some of these top tips to achieve that picture perfect look, one which you are proud to show off!

White walls give the illusion of space, which is perfect for when you want to create a gorgeous room with not a lot of surface area. Not only is it perfect to for adding depth to your room, white also gives you plenty of options when it comes to adding a colour because what colour clashes with white? However, one popular choice is to pair black and white together for a simplistic and sophisticated look.

Jam Jars don’t just work as cute, quirky décor but they are very useful for storing little trinkets. They can be used as a vase for flowers or you could even put tea lights in them and treat them as lanterns. Some people often use them in the kitchen to store rice or nuts and sometimes even have them as drinking glasses!

One way to help your room achieve that effortless glam look it to have made to measure and fitted curtains, they are a great statement piece and an easy way to tie a room together. Fitted curtains are personalised to fit the space you have, ensuring a neat and organised finish.

A tall standing lamp is a great way to introduce some light into the room without empowering the room. Go for a pleated lampshade, fashioned with a dark metal stem to accomplish a retro vibe. The dimmed light creates a relaxed mood and a fabulous photo.

No Pinterest worthy room would be complete without a statement cushion on the bed, or the sofa, or the armchair – we just love a statement cushion. Whether it has your favourite inspirational quote to keep you motivated (or help you out of bed) or has a bright or bold pattern, they’re a great comfy add on for the final touch to your room.

Bookcases and shelves are great for storing paperwork, photo frames and ornaments etc., however overtime, they often start to look busy and muddled so why not declutter? Clear out all the unnecessary bits which have accumulated over the past few months and keep it sleek and simple.

Do you have free space in the corner of your room? Or maybe a coffee table which looks a bit bare? How about adding plants or flowers, they introduce some life into your room and help to brighten up the place! Plants can be easy to maintain, for example, spider plants or aloe plants look great and don’t need much looking after!

Finally, fairy lights add a sparkle to any room and create a magical atmosphere. They can be hung over bed posts, mirrors and could even border photo frames to make your picture light up!

What’s your favourite wash to add a bit of Pinteresty pizzazz to your room?

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