How to Handle Anxiety

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Anxiety can become a problem at any time of life, or it might be something you have suffered from for as long as you can remember. Some people tackle it with medication and some with herbal remedies. If this is something you are interested in, take a look at these dispensary point of sale systems. However, if you’d like to try and tackle it on your own, there are a number of mental and physical exercises you can do to take control of it.

Get to The Bottom of It

First things first, before you take any other action you need to try to find out the root cause of your anxiety, otherwise it will be a problem that plagues you for many years. Once you know what has caused you to feel this way, you can start to undo the damage. Anxiety is often a result of a simple chemical imbalance in the brain however, there may be events from your past which have played a role too. For many people, how they have been brought up has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing later in life. For example, if your childhood home was not a particularly reliable or safe place to be, you may have developed a constant underlying sense of anxiety. Alternatively, you may have experienced a traumatic event which has put you in a subconsciously alert state at all times. Accepting the parts of your life that you haven’t been able to have any control over can help you to take back control now.

Mental Exercises

Mindfulness is a great way to take control of your anxiety. It is important to be aware of when these automatic anxious thoughts kick in, so try to figure out the kinds of things which trigger them and be aware that anxiety is not part of who you are, it is a chemical reaction based on emotional memory. When you start to feel your anxiety taking control, one great tip is to focus in on your senses. Pay attention to what you can see, smell, hear and touch, as this helps you to bring yourself back into the present. Anxiety is not connected to reality so exercises like this can really help.

Physical Exercises

Routine is important when it comes to treating anxiety. Anxiety is our body’s way of preparing us for whatever is around the next corner; we are trying to control what we cannot always control. Routine helps us to feel more in control of our lives. Journaling is a great way to release any negativity from your mind. When you have an anxious stream of thoughts, try to write them down so that you don’t dwell on them then you can come back to them later. You may find that you don’t need to, and it was just a passing phase. Exercising is also a great way to distract your mind from cycles of negative thoughts, and it helps that it releases endorphins too which make you feel happier.

There are lots of ways that you can take control of your anxiety, if you are finding that is taking up more of your life then you want it to. Anxiety can be healthy in small doses as it warns us of danger and helps us to prepare, but for some people, their anxiety can go into overdrive causing them to feel worried all the time. This isn’t a positive state of mind so it’s important to keep on top of it. For more health tips, take a look at

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