How to keep the passion in your long-term relationship

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No relationship can be completely plain sailing. In fact, long-term relationships need a lot of work as well as love, patience, care and support for one another. Keeping the passion alive is vitally important to ensure that neither party feels neglected. Reserving romance solely for Valentine’s Day is definitely frowned upon and will not help either. 

Holding Hands

They say that once children arrive, holding hands as a couple decreases in frequency and there is certainly an element of truth in that. Being busy and focusing on children running around your feet means that you have less time to focus on the simple intimate parts of a relationship. Simply taking your partner’s hand in your own can be enough to light the spark. Try to sneak moments together where you can walk hand in hand as you did in previous times.


Keeping the lines of communication open constantly is intrinsic to the success of long-term relationships. Bottling things up or refusing to take your partner’s comments or suggestions on board means that barriers are erected and likely more often than a penis. There is huge power behind purposeful communication. Ensure that you allow your partner to talk to you about anything and make sure you listen carefully and reciprocate. Even when it comes to bedroom activities, discussing your wants and needs is incredibly powerful and can make a huge difference to the amount of passion shared between the two of you.

Build Tension

If you have children, time can be pressured. However, allowing the tension to build when you are feeling a little bit frisky can make the pleasure last longer and the intimacy seem more intense. Sending risky text messages to one another when you are at work or somewhere else that’s rather inappropriate can also help to build the tension. 

Focus on Foreplay

While the actual act of sexual intercourse can be amazing on its own, ensuring that foreplay is a focus sometimes is vital. Not everyone is satisfied with quickies time after time, so spending time pleasuring one another prior to penetration is certainly worthwhile. If you are unsure, ask your partner to tell you what works and what doesn’t. As mentioned previously, communication between one another is imperative. 

Seek Help

If erectile dysfunction is affecting your sexual relationship, it is important to seek advice from a qualified professional. Rather than automatically deciding to take medication such as Viagra, be sure to consider alternatives, therapy for example. offers further information on the legality of certain medication. 

Create an Intimate Bucket List

Sit down together and discuss things you’d like to achieve or attempt together in the bedroom. Discuss your ultimate fantasies and things you would and wouldn’t be prepared to try. Having a list of ideas you’re both keen on means that you can prevent your sexual relationship becoming stale. From involving a third person in the bedroom to dressing in uniform and role playing, as long as what you are doing is legal and consensual with both parties keen to take part, these things can really help you to experience true passion.

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