Open Relationships and How to Deal with Them

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As the name suggests, anyone can already make a guess about what a relationship like this entails. From what the experts say, this is a relationship where there is no monogamous commitment. The two partners will commit to intimacy, love, and many other things that are important in a relationship, but they will remain free to adventure in other relationships.

An open relationship is not similar to a “no-strings-attached” relationship because open relationships commit to love and intimacy. If it is not yet clear what it is, the insights we will share below will shed some more light.

Types of Open Relationships

·             Marriage – Did you know that people can be married and still have an open relationship? Although the decision may come later after kids are born, some people agree to it before tying the knot. In fact, this could be for a certain period or indefinitely. However, this is not the easiest relationship because partners need more commitments than just love and intimacy. But one thing for sure is that both of you can make it work.

·             Dating – Yes, you can still date and still be in an open relationship. For those who have met on a dating site and decided on having an open relationship, they already know how this works. The rules are set right from the beginning to avoid any form of misunderstanding later on. If both parties are in agreement, then things should flow well.

Things to Know About Open Relationships

One thing to understand about an open relationships is that they are based on rules. People cannot just enter into one without a series of agreements. These rules are to be adhered to if the relationship is to run smoothly. Sometimes, the rules may be tough for one partner to cope with, and this means that the open relationship will not work.

Open relationships are surrounded by many risks. Although there is a commitment, people tend to break the set rules, and this leads to separation. Thus, one must know that it can end at any time.

The last thing to know is that it gives someone the freedom to go out with other partners but in line with the agreement. If you are not ready to be committed to someone fully, then choose an open relationship with a mutual understanding.

Making it Smooth

An open relationship can run as smoothly as you want while you are enjoying all of its benefits, but this comes at a cost of sacrifice to follow the set rules, improve them, and accept changes. The open relationships of decades ago are very different from those led by millennials. Thus, if the two partners have a significant age gap, they must understand and accept the changes that have occurred over time.


The last word to anyone who leads an open relationship or is planning to do so is that the relationship is sensitive. People find it easy to jump in and out of them without much seriousness. But when handled well, it is the best option for those who are not interested in being too committed.

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