How to Maintain Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

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Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing experience. After the procedure has taken place, you’re bound to receive a huge confidence boost that alters how you view yourself. Although cosmetic surgery may have been one of the most substantial expenses of your life, it is usually a worthy investment, which is why you should aim to maintain the results for the long-term future. Regardless of which type of cosmetic procedure you have undergone, it’s vital that take care of yourself post-surgery to maximise the effects for the future.

Here are a few key aspects to consider on how to maintain your cosmetic surgery results:

Follow up with your cosmetic surgeon

Once your surgery has taken place, your cosmetic surgeon will require follow-up sessions to keep a check on you. Dependent on the type of surgery, you will be required to adhere to specific instructions to promote a speedy recovery. If at any stage you aren’t happy with the results or would like more surgery to fix an issue, your cosmetic surgeon will be on hand to create a long-term surgical plan to suit your needs. However, this may come at a cost.

You can never expect the unexpected when it comes to surgery, such as imbalanced or asymmetrical results, which is why you should think about how you would finance further procedures before committing to surgery in the first place. Many may be lucky enough to have savings to fund additional treatments; however, those who might not have the funds on hand may seek out a personal installment loan which can be paid back in installments over a period of time. Lenders such as allow potential borrowers to apply for their loan online and may be able to deliver funds same-day.

Eat a balanced diet

To feel great the years following surgery, it’s essential that you eat well. Particularly if you recently underwent a tummy tuck or body contouring surgery, maintaining a healthy diet will prevent results being reversed as a result of weight gain. Eat foods which are low in saturated fats and added sugars. Proteins such as fish, eggs, and vegetables have also been known to aid the healing process immediately after surgery.


It wouldn’t be a good idea to exercise immediately after surgery, but once you have fully healed, it would be wise to start a gentle exercise regime to help maintain your appearance. Again, if you have undergone a body contouring procedure, you will be at risk of gaining weight if you avoid carrying out regular exercise. Aim to incorporate around 30-60 minutes of exercise into your daily routine every single day – even if it’s just walking the dog or a jog around the park.

Take care of your skin

Ensuring you take care of your skin will help the healing process and reduce the risk of scarring if you underwent an incision during the procedure. Cleanse and moisturise the skin approximately twice per day. Not only will this help maintain the results of the surgery but should also help the skin to remain glowing and youthful for longer.

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