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Your clothes are folded neatly into your suitcase, you know where your passport and tickets are but you don’t have a clue how to accessorise on holiday. Sound familiar? Don’t despair. To effortlessly bring together your holiday wardrobe, you need three key pieces; the necklace, the bracelet and earrings. Packing the right accessory can bring variation to your holiday wardrobe as well as stop you from packing clothes unnecessarily. You can wear your favourite dress in several different ways  by changing your necklace and bracelet ensemble. Depending on the destination or occasion here are some tips on the accessories to go for.

Classic City Break: New York

With so much to do in the Big Apple and a strong possibility of a scorching summer, you will need your accessories to be glamorous and versatile without being bulky.  Items should take you from a Knicks game to a Broadway show and be stylish enough for Sex and the City-style cocktails in the evening.


Necklace: Pick classic metallic pieces in either silver or gold. A long chain necklace which can be worn more than one way is a must. Loop it over your head or tie it in a knot for some much needed variation.

Bracelet: A set of simple metal bangles can be a godsend when you need to constantly change your look. You can wear them on one wrist or split them across both. Vary the number of bangles you wear at a time and you won’t miss the rest of your jewellery collection.

Earrings: Don’t choose anything too flashy. Buy a sophisticated pair which can be worn with a necklace or on their own to set off a casual outfit. Choose simple hoops or drop earrings for an effortless effect.


Lazy Beach Break: The Maldives

When you’re hopping from the beach to the pool bar, your main jewellery concern will be ‘is my bling sparkling enough in the sun?’  To set off your perfectly cut swimwear and flowing tropical maxi, your accessories need to be big and bold. This will allow you to make a statement with one piece or to create a really individual look by layering items together.


Necklace: Choose a statement necklace, which accentuates the expertly coordinated colours in your wardrobe.  More is definitely more here but select a longer chain to avoid weird tan lines around your collar bone.

Bracelet:  As for bracelets, in order to create that truly bold, individual feel it can only be a charm bracelet. With the ability to choose what adorns your wrist,charm bracelets are a truly individual choice. Keep to a theme or mix and match your charms. Pick loads or keep it subtle, it’s completely up to you.

Earrings: You will need something dramatic to show off sun kissed shoulders in strapless or halter-neck dresses. Choose a drop earring with enough oomph to give your necklace a run for its money.


Sight Seeing Sojourn: Egypt

To take in the ancient mystique of the pyramids, a Nile cruise or the Sphinx you will need to pack light and keep covered up in the sweltering heat. This is a destination which calls for a sensible wardrobe like no other. If you’re savvy, however, you can still look stylish in your holiday snaps.


Necklace: For a hardcore sightseeing trip you need simple elegant pieces that you can wear all at once. Choose a classic delicate chain in either gold or silver with a small pendant. Put in on before you set off for the airport and leave it there (unless airport security tells you otherwise.)

Bracelet: If you’re considering wearing a bracelet whilst sightseeing, forget it. Make sure you don’t miss any of your excursions with an elegant watch instead. Keep it pretty and in-keeping with the rest of your jewellery.

Earrings: When you’re on the move, take the advice of your old PE teacher and avoid hoops or drop earrings. Wear small studs but don’t compromise on bling. Match the colour your necklace but opt for some sparkle.


Romantic Get-away: Paris

If you’re lucky enough to be whisked away on a romantic break this summer, then packing is sure to be a nightmare. In order to avoid the ‘we’re only going for a week- not a year!’ conversation your wardrobe needs to be minimal.

If that wasn’t hard enough your jewellery needs to accentuate your sexiest outfits and be versatile enough to carry you from romantic boat trip to swanky dinner.



Necklace: A statement necklace in an easy-to-wear hue is must, this is classic enough for day but can be transformed into a show stopper by night. To make it more man-friendly keep it simple. Something that sits just around your collar bone may be more practical than a long chain.

Bracelet: For fail safe wrist-wear that can take you from day to evening purchase a metal cuff. Your inner fashionistas will be satisfied that you’re making enough of a statement but it won’t be too audacious for your man. This is the ultimate no fuss piece which shows off your elegant side.

Earrings: If your neckwear is doing all the talking, your earrings can afford to be a bit simpler. Opt for classic hoops or studs that can compliment your other pieces or be worn alone


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