How to Start A Small Local Business

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If you’ve always hampered ambitions to be a rising star in your community and want to bring your skills and talent to the fore, there are many tried and tested local services that people will flock to.  Services that will save them time, money and also bring a bit of magic in their lives.   Some of the easiest to set up would be;

Car Detailing

This is an easy one to set up, with few restrictions.  You just need to have a good eye for detail, be well known locally as very trustworthy and have respect for other’s property.  You could buy car detailing products online to get set up and travel to people’s property or set up in a retail outlet car park and when people go in for a shop you can detail their car!  


Everyone loves a cupcake!  You could start a “from home” service to test the water in a location and get a name for yourself (check your local environmental laws)  Once you had a regular stream of business and people beating down your door, you could look to open a small retail outlet and expand into wedding or birthday cakes also!

Beauty Salon

Certainly something that seems to thrive in small towns is the nail salon or ladies hairdressing boutiques.  They seem to do well on the fact they build up a specific, loyal client base that comes back regularly for that trim or colour update.  Sometimes they will recommend a friend so you get a little movement between salons but in general the clientele stay loyal to the one establishment, or in particular, the one hairdresser.  Nail salons often have clients who try around the various salons, looking for a good deal. 

When considering what services would attract members of your local community there are some important aspects to consider before getting started.  Firstly would be local competition for a service and what you can offer that would be different.    There’s no point in settting up yet another nail salon if the market is very saturated for the size of town – unless you are going to offer something different and game changing.  

For example if everyone in town offers classic nail styling and paint in the salon during their opening hours – you could offer nail art that can be done at home outwith standard hours.  This is how you would differentiate yourself and gain enough clients to have a successful business.

Then it will be word of mouth, offering promotions and freebies to get people to try your service out and get them totally hooked on using you!  Save them time and energy on doing the thing themselves so they can go out and enjoy life with their friends and family. These would be great jobs for women to do from home.

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