How to stay healthy on a weekend away

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Are you currently planning a staycation? With international travel temporarily on hold while the Covid-19 outbreak is brought under control, it’s likely British holidaymakers will be getting familiar with destinations closer to home this year. 

Thankfully, whether on trains going to Hastings, or road trips to the Scottish Highlands, there’s plenty waiting to be discovered. But if you’ve picked up healthy habits since the turn of the year – or even in lockdown – you won’t want to let them slip.   

Here are five ways to stay healthy on your next weekend away.    

Stay active

Perhaps the most obvious way to look after yourself on your travels is to stay active. You could choose a destination with great nearby running or cycling routes – or perhaps the opportunity to get a few swimming lengths in before breakfast.

If the weather isn’t on your side, try following a YouTube workout in your accommodation. Items like resistance bands and yoga mats won’t take up much room in your luggage, either.   

Book self-catered accommodation

Watching what you eat can be tricky when you’re away from your own kitchen. But by booking self-catered accommodation you’ll be able to prepare your own nutritious meals as well as enjoying the local eateries.

If going self-catered isn’t an option, you could cook in bulk during the week and bring the extras with you. Most hotel rooms will have a fridge to store them in safely. 

Hydrate properly

Hydration is essential whether working out, sunbathing, or sitting at a bar in the shade. It helps you maintain a clear head while improving your sleep quality too. Carry a refillable water bottle and keep topping up throughout the day. 

If you plan to drink alcohol, be mindful of the weather and the number of units you’re consuming. Sure, you’re on holiday – but dehydration is no fun for anyone. 

Take moments to calm your mind

It can be tempting to plan a packed itinerary to make the most of a weekend away, but it’s important to find moments to relax mentally as well as physically. This could be as simple as packing a good book to read whenever you have a spare half an hour. 

If you’re in the habit of meditation, there’s no reason to stop just because you’re in new surroundings.  

Wear sun protection

Just because you’re travelling in the UK doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects of the sun. Pack your sun cream all the same and throw in a hat and pair of sunglasses for good measure. 

Hydration becomes even more important when the sun is beaming down. If you do get caught out and begin to feel unwell, follow NHS advice on how to treat heat exhaustion

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