Top 5 Things to Do in Croatia

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Are you officially out of travel ideas? Do you know that somewhere in Central Europe is a Mediterranean country that’s home to incredible restaurants, galleries, museums, natural attractions, and more? I am giving you a hint. This country I am talking about is oddly shaped like a croissant. Look it up on a map! Yes, that’s right, Croatia!

If you are interested in travelling to Croatia, the travel guide below may be the help you need to make the most out of your trip. And, if you have been to the country, let me ask you something. Did you fully take advantage of that trip and were you able to experience its entire magnificence!? Stick around, you may get some idea of what to do next when you come back to Croatia.

Places You Should Go and Things You Must Do

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Chill in the tranquil scenery of Plitvice Lake. Wander around Croatia’s most beautiful park and enjoy the vibrant colours of nature. Hike around the boardwalks and photograph the stunning falls in the National Park. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with the deeply forested scenery. Although you cannot bathe in the crystal-clear lakes, you can just savour the moment while you are at it.

Kings Landing Dubrovnik

Are you Game of Thrones enthusiast? If yes, you do not want to miss out on the chance to see the real place where all the action in the series took place. Explore Dubrovnik by cruise riding in a small boat to roam you around the real-life location of Game of Thrones. You could also just walk right along the City Walls that is surrounding the gorgeous Old City.

Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat is definitely one of the best beaches in Croatia. This place is so popular for kite surfers and surfers. You can try learning how to surf while you are there. To reach the gem, you can go by car or just take a good 20-minute walk along the sea. Walking would seem to be a better idea, so you’d be in a stronger state of awe while embraced by this paradise.

Diocletian’s Palace

Staycation is not that bad of an idea in Croatia as well. If you want to just take things slowly in the last days of your trip, staying in Split is going to be a pleasant experience. This is a perfect place if you don’t want to do something really crazy. Just tour around the city of Split and be amazed by the well-known palace that is Diocletian’s Palace. At the end of the day, stay in a quaint and luxury Splicani villa enjoying a great meal and a bottle of wine. The place will set the mood right, and it is going to be perfect.

Kornati National Park

Another untouched paradise in Croatia is found in the Northern part of Dalmatia. Kornati National Park does have an immense and incomparable beauty. Appreciate its wonderfulness with your own eyes by sailing around in a yacht. Stay until the sun is down because the sunset is going to be a breath-taking view you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

If you’ve run out of options on where to head to next on your vacation, honeymoon or minimoon, then try the magnificent, little island of Croatia. The country offers you a range of experiences that you will never forget. 

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