Ideas to rekindle the passion in your married life

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A newlywed couple tends to spend more time with each other and finds it challenging to keep their hands off each other. They talk about different things, share their emotions, and try out new things together, whether on the emotional front or the romantic side. However, as their relationship ages, couples experience dullness in their romantic life. 

It is because of the mundane routine, responsibilities, and the lack of communication with each other. If you face the same issue in your married life, you are on the right page. This article mentions the tips to rekindle the passion in your married life. 

  • Foster emotional intimacy. 

Experts believe that couples should invest time and work on their emotional intimacy. It is the doorway to increasing closeness with your partner. When you practice emotional attunement with your partner, it helps you stay connected even during disagreements. As responsibilities add up, partners tend to drift away and do not put forward their needs in a positive way. Instead, they turn defensive. It works when you both communicate your needs, but one of you needs to initiate the conversation. 

  • Be open to trying new things. 

Relationship counselors opine that most couples stick to a predictable romantic script. But they must try out new things to spice up their romantic relationship. You can start by giving each other passionate gifts. Many stores put up lubricants, handcuffs, and dildos for sale all year round or occasionally. You can buy them and give them to your partner. Experts recommend trying new things in bed now and then to help you discover what sparks the light in your relationship. 

  • Share and act on your fantasies. 

Most couples shun away from sharing their fantasies with their partners because they feel it does not matter or it is very childish of them to do it. But it would help if you looked at your intimacy as an opportunity to know your partner better. Initiate sharing your fantasies and desires in bed so your partner can start doing the same. You should convey them to your partner and ensure that your partner shares his side. It is a beautiful way to turn up the heat between you both. 

  • Seek professional advice 

 If you feel stuck in your relationship and find that the dullness is still there, you can seek professional advice. It will help you educate yourself on how intimate relationships work. Therapy and education around spicing up the passion in married life are wonders to couples. You should see it as an opportunity for growing intimacy with your partner. You can go as an individual or couple to discuss the issues. Relationship experts suggest attending couple sessions to promote emotional and intimate growth.

Final Words 

After some years into marriage, couples begin to drift away and loosen their passion for each other amidst the responsibilities of home, work, and kids. However, relationship counselors suggest couples try new things to spice up their intimate lives. They can try role play, use dedicated toys to ignite the passion in bed, etc. They say it is good to focus on your relationship because, as you age, your desires change. You need to communicate with your partner and make the required changes to keep the fire burning. 

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