How To Save Your Relationship If Your Husband Is Falsely Accused Of Assault

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Marriages thrive on mutual trust, but most couples encounter moments of doubt along the journey. Even the strongest partners may face such situations, but sticking together is the key to relationship survival in the long run. Trust issues in a marriage go beyond cheating and financial woes. You may also face an unusual situation when your husband is accused of assault at his workplace, even while being innocent. 

Although the allegation is likely to hit hard initially, you should not let it damage your marriage. You must reclaim trust and support your partner through the tough phase. Doing so will strengthen your bonding, so you must overcome your doubts and stand by him. Here are some tips to save your relationship if your husband is falsely accused of assault..

Have an honest conversation

When you learn about the accusation, you must make it very clear to him that you need an honest conversation. Tell your partner that you trust their word, but they must state the truth, even if they are wrong in some place. Listen to their story and understand their concerns, discussing the possible reasons for the accusation. Most people land into a problem when a jealous co-worker targets them. Avoid making assumptions, and be open to believing your partner’s story. The first conversation is often enough to get a clear view of the entire picture. 

Check the facts

Although you must listen and trust your husband, ensure you are not too naive about the situation. Verify the facts before deciding on the truth and fallacy of the situation. Saving your relationship should not come at the cost of standing with the wrong. Visit his workplace, talk to his colleagues, and listen to their narratives. But the purpose should not be investigative. You must rather try to collect facts and pieces of evidence to prove your husband’s innocence down the line. If he is innocent, he deserves your support, and getting evidence to validate the truth is the best place to start. 

Invest in legal defense

Investing in legal defense is another significant aspect of saving your relationship. You cannot salvage it if your partner lands up in jail despite his innocence. It is vital to seek a sex crimes attorney to handle the case sooner than later. Remember that your spouse should not give a police statement without having a lawyer on his side. Anything the accused says can incriminate him, so ensure he knows his rights when the police take him for questioning. Meanwhile, you must meet the lawyer and work on a defense plan with him. Attend the legal appointments with your husband to show that you are on his side.

Extend financial support

Besides providing emotional and physical support to your partner during the crisis, you must also extend financial support. Your husband will probably face suspension from work, and the legal fees are an added expense. You can do your bit by managing the family finances during tight situations. Things will be a lot easier if you are a working professional, as running the family is possible even with a single income. But stay-at-home moms may consider taking a job or starting a small business at home. Keeping the finances afloat can go a long way in ensuring a strong relationship. 

Resume normalcy

The road after a false allegation is daunting as your partner faces reputational damage and social stigma. You and your kids may encounter the same until your husband gets a clean chit. But you must do your best to resume normalcy in your relationship during and after the case. Remember to include your children in the healing process because they need as much support as your spouse. Explain the situation in an age-appropriate language, and convince them about their father’s innocence. Family dynamics affect your relationship, so ensure everyone is on the same side. Sticking together is the only way to get life back on track.

A false assault allegation is a serious matter, and it affects the accused and his family. As a partner, you can do your bit for your husband by staying strong and supporting him through the journey to prove his innocence. Your support can give him the courage and strength he needs to face the world and make a comeback after the crisis. Your marriage is worth the effort, so trust your husband and stick with him during the challenging phase. Get your kids on the team because their father needs them to be on his side. 

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