Important Factors for Landlords to consider

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*Appliance Repair

As a landlord, it’s pretty common – even in unfurnished properties to include appliances such as fridges and washing machines.  They aren’t exactly things that tenants will want to cart around from property to property and if you are into the student market – they won’t be able to afford.  Therefore you will need to offer them in your property and make sure they are maintained to prolong their efficiency.  Having a good appliance repair company in your phone is essential – someone you trust to quote well and do the job quickly.

*Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, it’s important you have specialist landlord insurance that covers yourself for tenant damage as well as lost income from non payment of rents. A good comparison site will show you all the different options and payouts you can expect to receive – so do your research and ensure you are covered for as many eventualities as possible.

*Allowing customisations

You are probably likely to have a longer and more profitable tenancy if you allow the tenants to make minor customisations to the property.  Allowing basic paint jobs, minor repairs and personal touches to be added such as pictures will allow the tenants to feel more “at home” and may be less likely to keep their eye out for something more “their style” 

*Property damage.

Sadly it’s an inevitable aspect of renting our your property that damage will occur – as it would if you were living in yourself.  Most of the time the damage is unintentional or down to wear and tear so it’s important not to come down on your tenants too heavily.  If you are finding there’s a lot happening – perhaps it’s the quality of the fixtures – you can’t expect Ikea pine to last forever and throughout multiple tenancies.  So either get the best quality to begin with or buy cheaper and replace more often. Another option is to consider renting unfurnished.  Always be sure to inspect and maintain your responsibilities such as the plumbing, roofing, doors and window finishings.

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