Important features to consider when buying a house

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Excitement, anxiety, and more excitement! That’s probably what’s going on when you think about buying a house. A home purchase is a huge achievement for most people, and although you are excited to take this next step, you have to be careful so you don’t make mistakes that will cost you money in the future. Besides an open floor and stainless-steel appliances, you must have other features you are considering. The amenities we will talk about today will, however, give you the most value both now and when you are ready to sell.

1. Features you’ve always wanted

First, there is what you’ve always wanted, what you can afford, and what’s available in the neighborhood you are targeting. You have to balance between all these by first choosing what you need. If you have a family, you need enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone comfortably, enough storage space for all your stuff, including toys, and enough space so your little ones can play safely. Once you’ve locked in the must-haves, go to your wish list and pull out a few features you have always wanted. Home is a place to relax, unwind, and restore yourself, so if having a pool, a place to watch the sunset, or a gazebo to entertain friends is what you need, go for it.

2.      Think about selling

Life is unpredictable. Although you don’t buy a house thinking about when you will sell it, you must at least check features that will increase the value of your home. Let’s assume you or your spouse get a better opportunity in a different town. Will your house fetch you top dollar?  The number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen layouts are important, but if the curb appeal is not pleasing, your prospects may not take the bait as soon as you’d like.

Check the home’s outdoor features such as driveway lighting, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor water features for your garden. They add to the value of your home and create an atmosphere that naturally draws you in, inviting you to imagine yourself living in the house. That’s the exact feeling you will want buyers to have when you are ready to sell. If you really like a place, but it doesn’t have the desired feature, such as a fountain, check to see if the yard is big enough to accommodate the addition.

3.      Your location  

Your home will not exist in a bubble, but be part of a larger community. It’s vital that you find a neighborhood that meets your needs. Do you want to walk to your favorite coffee shop, or hear the birds sing in the woods? Research the neighborhood you have in mind and check if the houses will meet your heart’s desire. Eat at a local restaurant and walk by the park to taste all the location has to offer.

Buying a home is an accomplishment, but to find a house that feels like it was built just for you and your family is not always easy. Take your time to see a few places before you settle.

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