Inspiring Malibu-style Home Decor Ideas

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For many vacationers, nothing is more calming and relaxing than a day at the beach. Those lucky enough to live in the Malibu area have the benefit of bringing that same feeling into their homes.

The “California Casual” look is both modernist and retro in its look, blending a sense of openness with an outdoors feel. Here are a few ways you can bring that Malibu look to your home in ways that are as simple as a walk on the beach!

Bright White

When you Malibu interior designers style, a good way to start is by grabbing your paintbrush. The main drive of emulating the Malibu look is incorporating the outside with the interior, and unlike more rural and rustic decor beach scenes are dominated by a simplistic openness.

To emulate that seaside atmosphere, avoid too much color on the walls. Opt instead for a stark white to really open up the area and make things seem more light and fresh. You will incorporate more color and texture later on in your design, but keeping things fresh at first makes your home an excellent canvas to work on.

Captivating Color

If you left everything stark white, you’d leave your home looking quite bland. By bringing beachside colors into the decor, you can recreate the airy feeling of sea breezes and sandy toes. Some colors to look into include:

  • Blues and greens
  • Bluish greys
  • Sandy browns and beiges
  • Turquoise
  • Orange/red choral

Start by bringing those colors into the forefront with seafoam tones reminiscent of lapping waves and light beige sandy hues as accents. Painting window frames and coving light blue-greys of the ocean draws the eye towards the edges of the room, making it seem more open and airy, too.

Minimal to the Max

Another interesting way designers get the Malibu look is by dipping into California’s minimalist roots.  Modern design uses stark colors and sharp edges to create a very clean look, and by taking that style into a more casual realm you move towards a Southern California vibe.

Choose comfortable furniture that’s not too ornate or fussy. Adding accents that also aim to keep things simple, but don’t limit yourself to just straight lines. Nature loves curves, and bringing that aesthetic inside is what a beach house is all about!

Outside In

Even top interior designers know that making the interior of your home feel more open means bringing in elements of the outside. With a Malibu-style home, that means beach accents in the form of wooden furniture, rustic textiles and ocean-inspired imagery. 

Stay away from darker grains and opt for lighter and even white hues to keep with a driftwood-like aesthetic. Even a white chair can fit perfectly with appropriate accent pillows. These touches of color will help bring the room together while allowing your guests to linger on what you find important.

If you’re looking to emulate the Malibu look in your own home, don’t hesitate to contact a local designer for ideas. Remember to keep things simple, breezy and fresh to emulate that beach look and you’ll be reaching for the sunscreen in your own living room before you know it!

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