How To Add Some Personality To Your New Home

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The first thing you’ll want to do upon moving into your new home is to put your own personal stamp on it. If you own your home, then you’ll pretty much have free rein to do what you like. However, you’ll have to stay within the parameters of renting regulations or check with the landlord before going ahead with structural work if you’re currently renting a property. It’s simple to make your mark on a home, especially once it’s full of your belongings. Add cherished decorations here and there, plan for how you want it to look, and it’ll soon start to feel like home.

If you want to inject some of your personality into your new pad, this guide has got you covered. 

Decorative Touches 

Decoration is key to bringing your home to life and making it feel yours officially. Tastes for interior design differ greatly, and that’s what makes homes different with their own quirks. Your home should communicate your personal style, your achievements, and what’s important to you. Make a house feel like a home with art, stylish mirrors, cosy lighting, blankets, cushions, rugs, and familiar decorative touches around every corner. Fine art for sale with Printed Editions can help you to transform a room in your home into a peaceful haven, or a lively space bursting with movement. Art adds spirit to a room, so choose carefully and decide the overall “feel” you’re after. 

Complete the look of your new home with candles, placemats, room sprays, diffusers, and your trinkets.


Bring the flowers and plants in from the outside, and welcome them into your new home. Add fresh bunches of flowers to your living room, kitchen, and bedroom to freshen up the house as well as improve the air quality. Not only do gorgeous bouquets of flowers look amazing, but they also smell wonderful too. 

Don’t Forget The Garden 

Your garden needs TLC just as much as the inside of your house. Create a vision for the garden and try and plan exactly how you want it to shape up. Consider hiring a professional gardener to remove excess foliage, to remove trees, and plant attractive flowers if you don’t have green fingers. Inject your personality into the garden by laying fresh turf, creating raised flowerbeds, adding a small water feature, statues, and planting your own plants and flowers. Stick to the colours you like, and don’t be afraid to up-root any plants that you don’t enjoy looking at. This is your garden, and it should reflect who you are. Exude the fun and lively side of your personality with the help of a vibrant array of varieties such as pansies, dahlias, roses, zinnias, petunias, and marigolds, for example. 

Don’t Rush 

Resist the temptation to panic buy furnishings and furniture for your new home. Aside from the essential pieces, your home needn’t be fully completed until, well, it’s complete. It’ll feel complete in time, but the process can take months and even years. Don’t just buy items for the sake of buying them, and instead opt for interesting decor that fascinates you, and is a little different from the standard IKEA or Argos catalogue style. Add some personality to your new home by being original.

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