Interior Design Finishes You Might Not Have Considered

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Ceiling Tiles

Most people, when considering how their home is going to look, would not consider how their ceiling should factor into this.  Millions of Instagram posts on wallpapers, flooring and kitchen units but no-one ever talks about ceiling tiles.  What a great statement to have in a room that might look similar in style to someone elses!


When people say “Tapestry” they often think of medieval wall hangings or Moroccan rugs used as tapestries – but the market has evolved significantly to include some very contemporary offerings!  Suspended by a neat and elegant pole – you can choose the right artwork for your room and gain some interior design brownie points for using texture as art!

Upcycling Furniture

Interior design isn’t all about buying brand new, expensive pieces of statement furniture. Often a skilled interior designer will work around the existing pieces that you have and make suggestions as to how you can use them in the new room design.  Take tips from them and use a fantastic paint like Frenchic’s Al Fresco self levelling paint to do up a piece of furniture to suit your room.  Colours range from dark blues and greens to mid greys and whites. 

Using Bold colour

It takes a bit of planning and getting used to – but using dramatic dark blues and greens can create an impressive impact in a room.  It’s hard to replace these colours so you gotta like what you’ve done and it can be challenging to accessorise with these more unusual colours so do your research first before you commit to the paint colour!


Quite a renaissance happening for mosaic – you can get stick on ones or ready made tiles that you can just go ahead and mount.  Or the absolute classic of mounting each piece one by one.  You can either have uneven cracked pieces or uniform squares – the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity.

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