Home Improvement Tips for the New Year 

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If you’re not one to opt for ‘new year, new me’ then why not apply that logic to your home? For many of us, home improvement is something that is put off time and time again. However, after a while, this can leave our abodes looking tired and cluttered due to lack of maintenance. If this is something your resonate with, then here are some tips for overhauling the appearance of your home in the new year. 

Replace old appliances

Why not upgrade or replace your old microwave, toaster, washing machine with something that is more efficient and environmentally friendly? You could always donate your old item to rehoming charities who will see it into the hands of people starting in their own homes.

Get Engaged with Social Media

If you keep flitting between the idea of painting your kitchen one colour, and then changing your mind out of indecision, then get on social media for some inspiration. Instagram, in particular, is bursting with design ideas, both new and old. You’ll find pages devoted to retro interiors as well as interior designers showcasing their best work. Create a mood board on Pinterest with your findings and decide on your favourite features. Creating a collated picture of your personal taste will also help you to refine your own particular aesthetic. You might discover that you have an interest in a particular era or type of design. Adding this to your own home will look stylish and curated. 

A Deep Clean

Sometimes our homes can look tired and drab — not for want of some structural changes — but purely because they haven’t had a deep clean in years. Carpets require a soapy deep clean, shelves should be wiped and dusted from front to back and duvets should be sent to the dry cleaners for a spin-cycle. Of course, this can feel like a bit of an ordeal at first, but the feeling of freshness that you’ll walk into will ultimately be worth it. 

Clear Out Old Carpets

Old carpets can really date a property, so if you want an instant updated feel, then you may want to refresh them. If hunting around industrial estates for carpet stores isn’t your idea of fun, you can now easily shop for styles online. Companies such as aflooringboutique.co.uk allow you to browse traditional and boutique ranges online, without having to step foot in a home improvement store: this is bliss for serial procrastinators. 

From Floor to Ceiling

If you want to profoundly change the appearance of your home, then consider refreshing the whole room at its most basic level. Paint the walls and change the drapes: these will fundamentally alter how light fills the room. It’s recommended, too, that you don’t forget to paint your ceilings, as these are considered to be the fifth wall. While it can seem imperceptible to the eye, white does discolour and fade over time, meaning that the ceilings in your home are probably closer to off-white or cream than brilliant white. 

Before you install beige carpets and paint your walls white, take a step back and consider the potential of your home. There’s always room for creativity, particularly in the spaces you spend your days relaxing, sleeping and eating in. Don’t underestimate your own potential to find customised and curated interior looks. 

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