Some Fab Features to Consider For Your Next Fitted Kitchen

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Aside from the basic worktops, cabinets and such you will need to make a kitchen viable – now is the time to consider integrating some useful and exciting features and ensure it’s all worked into your plan.

Waste Disposal system. A great way to deal with all the unwanted food waste and great for composting for those beautiful roses!

A slide over board for your sink. If you are pushed for space, your bespoke and handmade kitchen designer will be able to incorporate a slide over panel that covers your sink and gives you more chopping space.

Hot/Cold/Sparkling Water plumbed in. I just love the idea of having carbonated water on tap – as well as having boiling water – as much as I need and instantly.

Smart Home Lighting. There’s nothing worse than having your hands inside a chicken and it’s getting dark outside. The ability to adjust your lighting hands free in a kitchen is a godsend and worth working into your kitchen plans!

A wine rack. Since wine is best stored just past horizontally so the cork is kept moist – you will want a wine rack to keep your favourite vintages in good condition.

A coffee maker. Rather than having one clogging up your surface space – you can get a professional one fitted in your kitchen.

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