How to Give a Fitted Kitchen Your Unique Touch

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Fitted kitchens. They can be a bit “blah” can’t they. Same wood panelling, same chrome handles – it’s enough to make you pull out your hair.

So, when planning a new kitchen, how can you incorporate your own style and taste into a fitted kitchen?

Find a retailer with loads of choice and flexibility. If possible go with a bespoke furniture retailer to be able to really incorporate your choices.

Be bold with colour Particularly things like the cabinet fronts – as they can be quickly and easily replaced in several years once you have had your fill of mermaid green or midnight blue.

Ensure the appliances benefit your family life. No point taking a slimline fridge freezer if you will spend your entire life perching things inside it for them to spill out again. If you need a massive fridge – get one! Then plan around it to get the most out of your cabinet and worktop space.

Choose functional and dramatic lighting. This is one area you can make a fitted kitchen really pop is by directing dramatic lighting on certain features or adding a colour accent such as copper.

Don’t settle for the obvious or boring! Taps, handles, tiles and worktops can be unique and as interesting as your imagination – think copper, rose gold, bronze, antique, retro styles as well as innovative plumbing solutions. Tiles can exude style and elegance from all over the world so get out there and find some influences and talk to your bespoke fitted kitchen retailer and ask the hard questions about what they are able to do to translate your style into the finished kitchen!

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