How to Make Your Traditional Home More Modern

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Vintage and kitsch décor has its charm, but these days it’s all about the modern look. A modern home evokes a sense of peace. It’s sleek, streamlined, and everything has its place in the chaos of daily life, your home is your sanctuary. Modern design elements are easier to clean and more organized so you can come home and relax without feeling like there’s too much that you need to do. There are so many beautiful traditional homes, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t use a bit of modernization.

Here are a few ways that you can inject some modern design into your traditional home.

Ditch the patterns

Modern design is all about keeping it simple. Patterns can be quite busy, and while they are fun, you should try to limit the use of them if you want a modern space. Opt for solid colours on worktops and floors, and use textures to create visual interest instead of patterns, like metals or granite. TREND Transformations Knutsford provides modern granite worktops that bring your kitchen up to date. Go for a monochromatic look and choose colours like slate grey, light grey, black or white to will maintain a sense of flow in the space.


Knick-knacks, an excess of décor, and too many picture frames are the opposite of what modern is. The more stuff you have lining shelves, and out on tables, the more things there are to gather dust. Modernizing your home allows you to rethink the set up of your home, and what items you need. You may not even realize it, but overcrowding your home with stuff can add to your stress. That’s not to say get rid of your prized trophy from college, but maybe it doesn’t need to be on display in your lounge. Try to keep the décor within your home to a minimum. It will give a greater sense of openness and make your home look clean and fresh.

Add bold accents

Instead of covering an entire wall with floral wallpaper or getting patterned shag carpet put in your lounge add small, but impactful accent pieces. Choose solid colours for these pieces but have a bit of fun with them. Modern doesn’t mean everything has to be black and white. Install one large piece of artwork in your lounge with brightly coloured geometric shapes or add a bright red backsplash to your kitchen to contrast with your black granite countertops. These accents won’t overwhelm the eye because you’ll only need to focus on one thing, instead of multiple elements.

Maintain balance

Lastly, remember that it’s not all or nothing. There are many unique features in traditional homes, and you shouldn’t start ripping things out to do an entire remodel. Instead, balance the old with the new by incorporating modern elements into the traditional design. Try to keep original features of the house intact, and focus on creating space, openness, and decluttering. Living in a traditional home gives you the unique opportunity to have the best of both worlds when it comes to both traditional and contemporary design. 

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