Why You Should Convert Your Garage this Year

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Most of us do not use our garage to store our car, so over time it becomes somewhere we rarely go, or a storage room for your forgotten possessions and broken furniture. In addition, many people wish they had more living space but do not want to sacrifice part of their garden to get it. A great solution is to convert the existing garage space. This year we have been spending much more time at home, and it has been feeling a little cramped, so it may be time to consider putting your garage to better use by turning it into a usable living space. Here are some great reasons why you should convert your garage this year. 

Boost the value (and curb appeal) of your home

If you are considering selling your home at some point in the future, high-quality house extensions like a garage conversion could help to boost the selling price. While some find a garage useful, more people prioritise living space and flexibility — the more living space you can offer prospective buyers, the better. A garage that offers additional storage space for bulky or dirty items that need security such as bikes, skis etc would tick a lot of people’s boxes. The Smarter Garage offers us many solutions for wall racks, cabinets and shelving to maintain a tidy and practical space, keeping such seasonal items like paddling pools, water guns, garden hoses warm and dry over winter and separate from the storage needs of the main house. You can even put a camera/alarm system onto the garage to protect such items.

In many cases, a garage can look like a clunky metal box on the side of an otherwise charming property. During a garage conversion, you can transform the external façade of the garage, so it blends in with the aesthetic of the rest of the home. You could also add windows or a sliding door.

Increase the size of your kitchen

One of the most common reasons for converting a garage is to increase the size of the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home for lots of people, and converting the garage could turn a basic kitchen into a spacious kitchen-diner. It is important that the new space meets building regulations in terms of insulation and damp-proofing. 

Create a family space or games room

Family homes are busy places, and sometimes it can be difficult for everybody to get the space they need. A garage could be converted to a games room, a playroom, or even a cinema room. They can be easily soundproofed during the conversion, which is ideal when children want somewhere to entertain their friends and play their music. 

Have your very own gym 

With the closure of gyms and public spaces, we have had to find new ways to exercise at home. For many people, this has opened their eyes in terms of what can be achieved without the need to pay for a gym membership, share equipment, or book classes. Garage floors are designed to take the weight of a vehicle, so they are ideal for taking the weight of gym equipment and free weights. 

Turn it into a garden room

Alternatively, you might want to consider turning the garage into a garden room that brings your home and garden together. With large patio doors, you can create a covered space with a view of the garden, which can be slid back and forth, depending on the weather. It provides shade in the summer and protection from the cold in winter, as well as cover from the rain all year round. 

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