Is a Pandemic The Right Time to Start a Business?

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Since civiliszation began, we’ve prided ourselves in creating opportunities for commerce – and here in the 21st century we have reached the apex of capitalism. Anyone with a great idea and the internet can start something really special and profitable and now more than ever there are great financial resources such as crowdfunding or easily accessible short term loans.

Examples of Success during the pandemic

According to the Census Bureau 4.4 million and counting new businesses were created in the USA during 2020.` That’s amazing when you think about it! With people being locked down or working from home – it’s given some of us free time to dream Big

Whether it’s candles, kitchen sauces or loungewear – there’s been a chance for everyone and every type of business to succeed. If your business is more bricks and mortar – and more important hospitality then it would be worth thinking long and hard to see if you have the local flow of customers, does your business hinge on visitors to the area which may be restricted at the moment.

Where to get support

If you are looking to start a business now, then support will be really important. From gaining advice about market research, creating a business plan and sourcing stock to planning your social media strategy – each part of the process is a minefield that benefits from expert advice to avoid costly rookie mistakes. Facebook groups that specialise in these subjects are a great way to find out answers to questions to things that are blocking you from proceeding.

Another benefit of things like Facebook groups is that you can meet like minded entrepreneurs who are working in businesses just like yours and gain the benefit from their early mistakes. Worth looking out for a specialist group for your product and/or niche so you can share ideas.

A Business mentor might be able to give you the benefit of their experience but also keep you grounded and in the direct direction. It’s easy to get distracted by the latest shiny object in the internet land and it takes someone who has been there to help you identify those which are helpful and those which are a waste of time.

Finally your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to offer you free business mentoring so you should look them up!

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