Joie de la Vivre by Adam & Eve Skincare

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We love this new natural skincare brand – designed with breakout prone skin in mind but actually fantastic for any skin type.

Each step in the range takes a word from the title – Joie is facial wash, De is perfecting serum, La is gentle cleansing lotion and Vivre is the essential moisturiser.  Translated it means joy of living.


Starting with the essential moisturiser “Vivre” which is a classic light hydrating day moisturiser.  It’s light, absorbent but nourishing which is perfect for a day lotion and it leaves skin feeling touchably soft.  I like a product that sinks in, leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated and that the feeling lasts. Even better though and probably the reason I love it so much is that it contains essential oils of bergamot and sandalwood – my all time favourite fragrances.  This is my new favourite moisturiser and I’d recommend it to anyone with normal to oily skin type and of any age group as targeted anti-aging can come from serums or masks.  This simple, effective and nourishing moisturiser in hygienic packaging will suit a wide range of women and even men!

Vivre by Adam & Eve Skincare – £24.50


There are two cleansers on offer – one a purifying clear gel called “Joie” and the other a richer lotion “La” aimed at more normal skin to ensure it doesn’t dry out.  Both leave skin feeling perfect, even before moisturiser as the active ingredients are essential oils, nourishing jojoba and rice bran.  Both can be used with a muslin cloth to enhance exfoliation or without depending on your skin’s needs.

Joie – the purifying acne facial wash contains meadowsweet, willow bark, cucumber and chamomile so it’s super soothing and refreshing.  Perfect for oilier or acne prone skin.

La – cleansing lotion containing rice bran, jojoba and castor oil as well as neroli (orange blossom) essential oil which detoxifies and is beneficial to acne scarring and Bergamot oil not only smells wonderful but has antiseptic properties to help combat many skin conditions.

Joie & La  £18


A fragrance, oil free and antioxidant rich calming and healing serum for the face and neck, replete with plant extracts including; Cucumber, Green Tea, Ginseng, Lady Thistle and Calendula.   Loved this – usually serums are clear but this one is milky and is very easily absorbed – feels very lightweight and refreshing on the skin but has top quality nourishing properties.  This would also be suitable for normal to oily skins of any age group – I’d be happy to use this every day to soothe the skin after sun exposure or running around on a rainy, windy day.  Have a hot bath, soak in some of this serum afterwards followed with the moisturiser and your skin will be radiant and soft for ages afterwards!

De – The perfecting serum £22

A really top quality range, good investment in quality ingredients, properly constructed to benefit problem skin whilst still being appealing to those with “normal” skin too.  You can find all the Adam and Eve products on sale on their website


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