How to keep your interiors looking good for longer

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If you have a hectic life, perhaps with lots of young children, it can be hard to keep the furniture and interiors in your home looking at its best for a long period of time. It’s just a fact of life that drinks will get spilled, carpets will probably get stained, and all furniture shows its age eventually even if you don’t have kids.

However, the longer that we can keep things looking their best, the less money might have to spend on redecorating.

Here are some tips for trying to keep things looking good for longer.

Get things with washable covers

Getting things with covers that you can easily put in the washing machine can be a huge help then it comes to keeping things looking clean. Yes, you might have to have the washer on more often, but it will help save on the cost of buying new ones each time one without a cover gets ruined.

You could also use covers on your sofa to keep it protected, or buy a leather one that it might be possible to wipe down when things get spilled on it.

Use a wood polish and a scratch cover pen

If you have wooden furniture, then there are things that you can buy to help it stay looking nice. You could buy some wax and give it a once over every so often, or you can buy a scratch cover pen to try and disguise any scratches that it will get over time.

Use doormats

Using doormats for people to wipe their feet when they come in, or asking people to remove their shoes before they come into the house are a way to try and keep mud and dirt out of the carpet.

Keep on top of things

It may not be easy to keep on top of your maintenance work as often as you would like but it can be a huge help. If there is just a slight mark on your wall of a piece of furniture then try cover it as early as possible rather than waiting. You might be able to get away with only buying a tester pot of the colour that you need so it will save you money, and only needing to make small touch ups will help save you time if you lead a busy life.

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