Ladies, Avoid these common mistakes to get the best out of your training regime

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Attention ladies! Today’s discussion will be on something that almost every lady looking to get a trim, nicely-shaped bod fears. Hitting the gym!

For some strange reason, there is this mentality that the gym is reserved for guys. Really?

 Even for those that do hit the gym, they fear doing exercises such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) because they believe that it will cause them to bulk up; which to be honest, isn’t the most desirable body out there.

Oh, if only the origin of such myths were traceable! Then it would be much easier to convince ladies that the gym is one of the best places to get an effective workout plan into their schedule.

Considered hitting the gym, or already an active member? Then great! Here are some common mistakes that every lady should avoid on their first, or next, workout session.

Doing the same workout over and over

Perhaps the biggest folly that makes ladies shun, or even quit the gym, is doing the same exercise time and time again. Heck, not only is it mundane, but also doesn’t give the muscles being targeted a chance to recover.

One thing to remember is that rest is extremely vital when it comes to muscle conditioning. Rather than tearing up the same muscle on a daily basis, it would be wise to incorporate different kinds of exercises to allow some muscles to rest, and tone up.

The Morbid fear of the Dumbbell

First of all, kudos to all the ladies out there putting in the work at the gym. Sadly, even though they might be striving to get the perfect bod, one major issue is that most of these ladies fear the dumbbell.

Why? Simple because there is stereotype that lifting heavy weights will result in massive muscle gains, which will then lean more on the muscular look.

In truth, it is weight training that is responsible for giving most women those shapely calves, tight glutes; ooh and that desirable flat tummy!

In fact, the benefits even extend into one’s eating habit. Thanks to the ravenous nature of muscle training, one can get to burn those extra calories without spending more hours at the gym.

Plus it gives the leeway to add a cheat day where binging junk food to the menu, because of all the weight that one is losing!

That being said, it’s also important to include Lat Exercises during training to get the best out of one’s workout regime.

Abdominal abuse

Almost every lady in the gym is guilty of this. Yep, as harsh as it might sound, most ladies go to the gym for the sole reason of losing that incessant belly fat.

The result; they end up abusing their abdominals with all manner of exercises, hell bent on trimming down every molecule of fat on their belly.

Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t work this way. By doing all sorts of hanging leg lifts, crunches, and oblique twists, the only result is stress and strain on this muscles, with the belly fat still remaining intact.

The only way one can lose belly fat is through a healthy diet coupled with some cardio. Abdominal exercises are merely for training the muscles.

In a nutshell, the gym is a great place for any lady to have a rocking bod by summer. All that is required is patience, dedication, and consistency!


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