Last minute Mother’s Day Perfumes – new releases!

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Well it’s Friday.  Mothering Sunday in two days – but you’ve forgotten to pick anything up, it’s too late to order flowers and those ones from the petrol station just won’t do.  We always love perfume for Mums – there’s nothing better than the gift of scent.  They can be as complicated as sheet music or as simple as a flower petal but there’s one to suit every mama and she’s generally got a specific kind of taste.  Here are three BRAND new releases on the market to consider for your mother if you are able to pop to any department store tomorrow.


Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey “City Blossom” (released 2nd Feb 2015)



Unmistakeably L’Eau D’Issey, if your mum is familiar with the original fragrance (as mine is) then she will recognise the floral yet woody notes captured in the “City Blossom”  The moment I sprayed it I identified with the original formulation of lilies and freesias but there’s a wee twist with the pink pepper, lemony notes and a magnolia floral centre.  There’s enough of the original to please any Issey lover but given a sweet and modern twist – for that city woman who wants an edge more femininity.

This would be awesome for a career Mum, a sassy and confident Mum and a Mum that likes clean and fresh scents without losing the feminine and floral accents.   It’s classic, feminine and chic.


Elie Saab Resort Collection (released 2nd March)



Elie Saab – he of the gorgeous red carpet dresses, took the perfume world by storm with his self titled fragrance a few years ago.  It was warm, soft like spices and honey on a middle eastern breeze.  Elie being Isrealian I really feel he captured the feel of the warm desert in his country in the height of summer and the spicy, warm, sweet smells.  This new one is totally different and I absolutely love it.  It’s more like spring by the Mediterranean – when the sun is just starting to bring back warmth, spring buds are opening and starting to release their fragrance and the fresh, unmistakable sea air.    The classic Mediterranean Orange Flower, jasmine, frangipani flower and figs make up the notes in this fresh, breezy, citrusy fragrance which may just be a staple for me this summer.  It’s just the right blend of sexy, fresh, light and breezy.

This would suit mums of any age that like a feminine perfume but appreciate a fresher, more citrusey approach.  It’s sophisticated, summery and elegant.

Jimmy Choo Blossom (released 2nd Feb 2015)



Another Blossom oriented fragrance, you may be forgiven for thinking it’s another boring floral but Jimmy Choo fragrances really surprised me – not as generic as you would imagine – good complexity and use of source ingredients with imagination shown to create something “a bit different”.  The mens Jimmy Choo Man is fabulous, it gets the thumbs up from my other half and his friends.  Blossom is juicy and fruit and pretty florals like the packaging and bottle hint at – pink, girlie, fun, fruity.  What is surprising is the investment in the sandalwood base – an expensive ingredient generally reserved for orientals but works very nicely here.  I wore it last night and instantly got a compliment from a good friend for smelling “amazing”

Would probably suit a slightly younger mother – it’s a powerhouse of girlie femininity.


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