Lockdown: Hair at home by Michael Van Clarke

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Washing hair daily with high quality hair care products will not dry hair out like many think, this is a myth, it is actually good to wash your hair daily and more advisable than ever amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.  However more frequent use of hot styling tools will have an impact on condition so try air drying alternately, especially as we are all many of us are having to stay at home again due to lockdown 2. Or even better opt for other ‘low-heat styling’ looks. 

Use the spare time some of us may have at home, to give you hair a deep conditioning hair mask, apply my 3 More Inches LifeSaver Prewash Treatment as often as you can and reclaim better healthier hair.  The key to healthy thick hair is more about how the hair Is treated outside the head and especially how it is cared for.

1.            LifeSaver prewash Treatment or LifeSaver UV are unmatched on this one. Use one of the Cashmere Protein Shampoos and Conditioners to complete the system.

2.            Reduce the amount of heat styling or improve your technique.

3.            Work on some new styles, half updos, or plaits to carry you through the phases where it’s too long for the old style as it moves through to something new.

I would be very careful of cutting your own hair. Hairdressing scissors are very sharp and finely balanced to cut through the tough substance of hair. Kitchen and dressmaking scissors don’t come close and easily slip trying to slice through hair.  Whilst fringes look simple, they are notoriously difficult to get right. As more and more comes off trying to correct the errors, an unintended ‘suicide fringe’ may be the outcome.

Give some thought to life without a fringe. LifeSaver UV Leave-in Styling Treatment is a great way to keep hair back off the face while growing out fringes. So much of this modern era has been retro it may now be time for the hippy and glam rock hairstyles of the 60s and 70s.  Here my six ways to extend between hair cuts:

1. It may be as simple as growing out a fringe which is usually only difficult for a month or two. LifeSaver UV is a great help here.

2. Embrace the hippy in you or glam rock.

3. Change your parting and make it more distinct

4. Learn a variety of soft plaits.

5.Twist and wrap wefts of hair around twisted tissue and tie. Leave in to set for a new wavy look. No rush now to apply heat to set styles. Put the rollers in and leave for hours to set naturally.

6. Find some hair accessories you like and wear hair up more often. If the ends of the hair get bad, wrap them inside the chignons, out of sight. Better still, protect with Ten Second Transformation to add lustre and body too.

If you want to make your hair colour last, try LifeSaver UV (https://www.vanclarke.com/collections/all-products/products/lifesaver-uv ) as it will extend colour and style by keeping the structure of the hair together. Combine it with our Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo and Conditioner to retain colour vibrancy and extend the life between tints. www.vanclarke.com


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