Three Essential Hair Care Tips

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Maintaining your hair can often be a struggle when you don’t know the steps you need to take to ensure your hair stays luscious and healthy. Hair care involves picking the right products to suit your hair type and keeping a good hair routine at home, whilst also booking regular visits to the salon for that all important cut, style and deep cleansing treatment. Here are the three essential tips for proper hair care.

Book Regular Visits to the Salon

Maintaining your hair isn’t just about buying the right products; it’s about maintaining good hair growth and style by booking regular visits to the salon. Getting regular haircuts is important for maintaining hair that looks thick, luscious and healthy. Cutting your hair removes split ends which really weigh down your hair, making it look drab and lifeless. At the salon, you can also book in treatments which improve the quality of your hair, such as keratin treatments. 

The hair salon is also a great chance to have a chat with your stylist about what products you need to be using, and how often, as well as how many times you should be visiting the salon. If you’ve got a lot of colour in your hair, especially if it’s been bleached, you will need specialised products to maintain healthy looking hair as well as regular appointments at the salon to avoid those dreaded dark roots! If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all your haircare and hair styling needs, head on over to – this salon provides top quality treatment and top stylists to give you the hair of your dreams. 

Invest in a Good Quality Hair Brush

You’ll know when a hairbrush is high quality as it will effortlessly detangle without any snagging on your hair. A good quality hair brush will also stimulate your scalp, allowing blood flow to the head which stimulates hair growth – this effect can only be achieved with the highest quality bristles. The highest quality hair brushes will also help to distribute your natural oils – your scalp naturally produces sebum and, if left to build up on your scalp, can result in your hair looking greasy at the root and drab and dry at the bottom. A good quality boar bristle hair brush will help to distribute these natural oils down the length of your hair, meaning you’ll have shiny, healthy looking hair in no time at all! 

Find the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

For dry scalps, you’ll want to go for shampoos that are moisturising and promote smoothing and hydration to avoid frizz. For more oily scalps, you’ll want something that’s volumizing, strengthening and balancing. It’s best to stay away from moisturising formulas if you have a greasy scalp and instead go for a formula that is effective in getting rid of excess oil and sebum – look out for the word ‘cleansing’ when buying shampoos for oily hair types. There are loads of quizzes online to find out your hair type so if you’re not sure about what hair type you are, have a go at one of the quizzes to find out! 

Make sure you incorporate good hair care into your everyday routine through booking regular visits to the salon as well as maintaining healthy hair at home by buying top quality products. Remember, you can always discuss any hair care queries you have with your salon stylist when you go in for an appointment, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

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