Long haul flight survival guide

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Long haul flight survival guide

Embarking on a flight to Australia is about as long-haul as you can get from the UK, and may seem daunting if it’s your first 24 hour flight.  To help make long haul flights more comfortable, Austravel, the specialist’s in flights to Australia, have come up with top industry tips for surviving the flight and to help leave you looking refreshed at the other end.

Choose a comfortable yet stylish flying outfit

In the past you may have packed unsightly baggy clothes for your flight and then run and got changed in the bathrooms on your arrival, but luckily the leggings have made a comeback. Leggings combined with a loose fitting top and long cardigan will be an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable for the flight.  The leggings keep you decent and warm and they are stretchy so provide maximum comfort. Team your outfit with a pashmina as it will provide instant warmth and style and can double up as a blanket.  This also results in a layered outfit where you can peel off the layers if you get hot.

Wear shoes that you find comfortable but bear in mind you’ll take them off for most of the flight anyway. Wear flight socks during the flight to reduce swelling and put a pair of flip-flops in your hand luggage; you can use them when popping to the loo, or if you still have slightly swollen feet when you step off the plane.

Slather on moisturiser

As skin can get very dry during long-haul flights, flight attendants swear by applying moisturiser regularly to help keep skin hydrated during the flight.  Swap your foundation for some tinted moisturiser so that your skin has a chance to breath and you can keep re-applying throughout the flight.  Don’t forget your lips either, so pack a moisturising lip balm and some face wipes can provide an instant refresher.

Hand luggage essentials

Most long haul flights are equipped with in flight entertainment systems but they may not always have a library to your taste. An iPod full of new and favourite tunes, an interesting read and glossy magazines are all essentials for long haul entertainment, especially when travelling alone.

In case there are any problems with your bags at the other end, pack some bare essentials, such as underwear, a vest top and deodorant so you have something to change into.  These will also come in handy of you have a stopover where there are showers at the airport. If you take the pill, make sure you carry it in your hand luggage so you are not separated.

How to get much needed sleep

When travelling to a far flung destination try and sleep as much as you can on the flight. The day before you go, try and get some good exercise.  This will help you sleep because physically this will tire your body out and mentally it will de-stress you.

When you board the plane ask the flight attendants if there are any spare seats left this could result in getting enough seats to lie down on.

An eye mask, lightweight blanket and inflatable neck pillow are sleep essentials and earplugs can help block out the surrounding noise.  To get the best sleep, avoid caffeine and consider herbal sleeping tablets to calm flight nerves.  A pair of warm socks will also help to keep you snug whilst you snooze. If you wear contact lenses, take them out before you sleep, preferably remove them early in the flight as your eyes will quickly dry up in the cabin air.

Keep moving

Sitting still for long periods of time can make you feel achy and cranky.  Before this sets in, get up out of your seat at regular intervals to walk and stretch. You can also do exercises like toe raises and shoulder shrugs right in your seat.  Have a read of the in-flight magazine which will show more recommended exercises that you can do from your seat.

What to avoid when flying

It’s not fun but try and avoid heavy meals before and during the flight, its best to eat little and often. Fizzy drinks, caffeine and alcohol can all contribute to feeling groggy once you land, so if you can resist, avoid these too. Instead, make sure you drink lots of water to keep hydrated and feeling fresh.

How to avoid jet lag

Jag-lag is a horrible and disorientating way to start your holiday; taking precautions to minimise it will lead to a happier start to your holiday. As soon as you get on the plane adjust your watch to the time of your destination, so that you are eating and sleeping according to the hour on arrival. Once you get to your destination get a little exercise and try and stay awake until night time.

You can but only try

Smile sweetly, be polite, complain about your bad circulation and flying nerves and see if you get a free upgrade!

Do all this and you will step off the plane feeling fresh and ready to explore everything that Australia has to offer, whether it be the Opera House in Sydney, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the outback.

For further information and deals on Australia holidays or flights to Australia, visit www.austravel.com/offers.


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