Odd requests at 35,000 ft!

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Flying to 30 destinations around the world, Virgin Atlantic’s six million passengers all have their own individual demands and requests. Following a recent survey of over 3,000 of our cabin crew, Virgin Atlantic has compiled a selection of the strangest, most unusual requests received over the years. The survey revealed that the requests heard most frequently by the crew are “please can you open the window?” and “can you show me to the showers?” but the survey also revealed a few more unique examples.
From a massage for a Barbie doll to searching for a glass eye and a request for McDonald’s at 35,000 feet, the Virgin Atlantic crew have heard it all. Read on to find out some of the craziest requests as reported by our cabin crew….

1)  Please can I have a cup of team and book a massage for my Barbie doll?
2)  Can you take my children to the playroom?
3)  Please could you fix my hair?
4)  I have dropped my glass eye, please could you help me find it?
5)  Could you turn the engines down because they are too noisy?

6)  Is there a McDonald’s onboard?
7)  Please can the captain stop the turbulence?
Caroline Lynam, customer relations manager at Virgin Atlantic commented “Virgin Atlantic crew will always go that extra mile to offer our customers the best possible service but there are some requests that even we find somewhat challenging!”

Virgin Cabin Crew

One request which really shows the lengths our crew are prepared to go to was when a very famous celebrity pressed her call bell and asked the crew member to “fix her hair” The crew member agreed to this slightly unusual request and headed back to the galley where the other crew members rallied round and provided him with a hair brush, comb and small can of hairspray. Off he went back to Mrs XXX armed with his array of hairdressing equipment where upon she roared with laughter and explained by saying “could he fix the AIR!” and she pointed overhead. He quickly turned on the air vent and crept back to the galley sheepishly.

Virgin Cabin Crew

Virgin Atlantic flies to 30 destinations worldwide including New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, San Francisco & Los Angeles, Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Lagos and Nairobi as well as many Caribbean destinations.
To book a flight with Virgin Atlantic, log onto www.virginatlantic.com or call 0844 20 92 770


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