Return from holiday with all your washing and ironing done?

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Holiday Washing!

A unique new laundry service is being launched today has been designed to create an extra day on your precious holidays.  The Your Holiday Wash service is the ultimate return-to-work stress-buster, aiming to take away some of those mundane chores that hit when you return home from holiday. Recent research confirmed that holiday makers returning home dread getting the holiday washing and ironing done more than any other chore!   In fact *52% said it was their most hated task.

So whether it’s the annual summer break, home or abroad or a short weekend away this new service is guaranteed to ensure that the holiday feeling lasts for at least another day. Available for £59.90 (that’s only £5.99 per kg), Your Holiday Wash collect, wash, dry and iron up to 10kg of holiday washing which they aim to return within 3 days – all beautifully folded and in a box. The laundry is returned directly to your home, or office door, with no hidden extras. Leave it to the experts to ensure your whites are even brighter, colours fresher and ironing is completely crease-free.

The brainchild of entrepreneur and busy working mum Vicki Copley, the Your Holiday Wash service has been created for anyone who would rather do something more enjoyable than wash, dry and iron.

If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy another day of rest, this is the service for you. Who wants to have a relaxing break and then come home to a full day of washing and ironing? The Your Holiday Wash service has been designed to free up your time, so you can spend it doing much more fun things with your family and friends or even to create some extra “me” time.

Vicki recognised the need for a service to remove some of the stresses of returning from holiday when she was faced with piles of laundry. Vicki said: “The idea really stems from my experience – staring at masses of washing after returning from the family holiday. Then, thinking about getting it dried and ironed on top of all the other chores that need doing, finally ended any holiday joy. I’ve even heard of other mums and friends having to take a day off work to clear their holiday washing.”

She continued: “We all lead such busy lives. I just wanted something that would allow me more time to do other things, ideally enjoyable treats and spending quality time with my family and friends. Everything about this service has been designed around what I need a holiday laundry service to be – from the quantity of washing to the quality I expect, and delivery that’s convenient.”
Vicki has created a seamless door-to-door service even collecting from and delivering to your work address if that’s easier. The Your Holiday Wash service is booked in advance and an environmentally friendly laundry bag is posted to you. 10kg equates to all the clothing a family of four takes on a two week holiday (minus any towels or bed-linen).

The lightweight bag can be taken on holiday so that dirty clothing can go straight in your suitcase and not get mixed up with any remaining clean clothes. So no more taking a black bin bag on holiday or hunting around for a stray carrier bag to put your dirty smalls in.
All of the laundry is delicately washed and the Your Holiday Wash team even separates the whites and colours – so you don’t have to. Arrangements are made to receive the returned laundry at your convenience and a text message is sent to ensure you remember your clean clothing is on its way back! So let’s take this extra day’s holiday and book the Your Holiday Wash service via their website


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