Luxury Family Holidays to Start Planning For

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With the lockdown easing up for the moment and holidays back on the cards in some locations – you may be thinking about trying to get away somewhere sunny! There are still a pretty limited list of locations available to British travellers at the moment but it will always be under review and it’s worth looking into locations now as things will get booked up very quickly when the further green light is given.  If you can’t wait – you can always come to Scotland!  Can’t promise the sunshine though.

Auchterarder House is as grand a villa as you would find in the Mediterranean – this one was build by a famous Scottish architect in the Victorian era.  It has been lovingly and painstakingly renovated to encapsulate the Scottish country estate vibe but also provide all the amenities of modern life.  It’s a “traipse around in your Barbour and Hunter wellies” kind of holiday with plenty of outstanding local food, whisky and weather!  Imagine renting out the whole premises for you and your “clan” – taking in some hunting, shooting and fishing?  Or a spa day at Gleneagles, shopping in Glasgow, hiking munros in the Cairngorms or just enjoying the stunning property grounds with all the best local produce available on one of those famous Scottish summer days.  (there are only 3 so book wisely)  On the premise there is a billiard room, cinema room, gym and sauna for the other 362 days of the year 😊

If baking heat is your thing, I’m afraid Scotland disappoint on that front and you will need to look further afield.  Getting the family together in a majestic villa in Crete is a really great option – again offering outstanding local produce, great local restaurants and activities and scenery to take your breath.  An epic villa such as Metapothia would offer a giant pool, jacuzzi bench, kids shallow pool ringed by lots of sunbeds and parasols is just the tonic for a family gathering, sitting around catching up after a year of disruption and distancing.  You can literally “feel” the sun on your back as you read this – the British summer is all very nice in the time we get it but it’s useless for planning any kind of get together where food is involved – get yourself over to Crete with a bunch of your family and get eating, drinking and sunning yourselves until you can stand no more.  And that might take a bit of doing for some people who are used to several holidays a year and have been cooped up thanks to the pandemic.

Wherever you choose to go – take care to investigate the local and country rules when it comes to mask wearing and social distancing.  Many countries will be delighted to open their doors to tourists once again – particularly those whose economies are highly dependent on tourism but remember to be safe when travelling and frequenting local establishments.  There were regular Covid surges last summer in Scotland with people visiting the Highlands and Islands and it was really due to not following the rules.  Let’s not let ourselves be dragged back down for the sake of not wearing a mask in a shop!

Happy Holidays x

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