Travel Tips with Dogs

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For dog owners, travelling can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand you are on holiday, but on the other hand, you are away from your dog. The one way to get around leaving your loved pet behind is to simply take your dog with you. Nonetheless, this can come with a whole series of challenges. This guide has been created to help you learn more about taking a holiday with a dog. Read on now in order to learn all about it.  

Consider a Domestic Trip

While it is possible to take your dog abroad, it can be a rather stressful and bureaucratic experience, especially in the ever-shifting rules British passengers have faced in the wake of both Brexit and the coronavirus crisis. Travelling within the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) can be a lot easier process, just be aware that prices have gone up recently due to increased demand

Prepare the Right Items 

Just as you would pack properly to take yourself on a holiday, you will need the right items to keep your dog happy. You will definitely need a carrier for them to travel on public transport, while you should also bring a variety of toys to keep them occupied for long trips. Another item that you need to have to keep your dog happy and well-behaved is good food and treats. Take a look for pet food in Chandler now to find the right grub for your loved one. 

Understand Which Transport Options Take Dogs

Different transport carriers have different policies on taking dogs. For example, British Airways and EasyJet only accept service dogs, as does the Eurostar. If you want to travel through the Channel Tunnel, you would either need to drive through yourself with the dog in the car, or take a specially booked taxi service. Otherwise, if you are just travelling to Europe, it might make more sense to take a ferry. 

Know Which Documents You Need

Long before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the relatively seamless process of human travel, dogs have been subject to all sorts of vaccination documents to travel from the UK to other countries. As the UK is outside of the EU, your pet must be microchipped, recently vaccinated for rabies and in some cases, tested for other diseases, before you can take it abroad. It will also need a proper pet passport. As this process can take a fair amount of time and money, make sure that you have a proper plan in place before you take your dog abroad. 

Go Somewhere Pet Friendly

There is no point taking your dog on holiday unless you are actually planning to enjoy your time with your dog. For example, it is simply irresponsible to bring your dog along on a girl’s party holiday; the same goes with any trip where your dog will be left alone for long periods of time. That’s why it’s good to head to the seaside or the countryside so your holiday will involve lots of long walks with your dog. 

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