Luxury living: Where in the world to live the high life

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Fancy a bit of the high life? Of course you do. We’d all love to live in a dream home. A top class property has the power to make us feel we’ve made it in life and gives us access to the sort of luxury we usually can only get from an expensive holiday.

But where in the world offers the best of ‘the high life’? The following cities are packed with premium properties that are among the best the world has to offer. Browse, bookmark and start dreaming…


It’s easy to forget that our own capital has more than its fair share of class. London attracts investors from across the globe and it’s obvious why. Kensington and Chelsea are the priciest areas in the whole of Britain, while Kensington Palace Gardens is the country’s most expensive street as a result of its quality. It’s even known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’ as a reflection of the people who snap up its £40 million-plus properties. If you buy here, you’ve definitely made it in life.

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If you want to go slightly further afield, you’ll struggle to find a city less associated with luxury than Monaco. With millionaires and their yachts in the famous harbour, high stakes in the casinos and the stunning Mediterranean coastline, there’s a heady mix to provide you with the high life. Avenue Princess Grace is the best place to soak up luxury living and has attracted a number of celebrities over the years.

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong is right at the top of the list when it comes to ‘price per square metre’. It has more Rolls Royce cars per capita than anywhere else on the planet and a high concentration of properties in a small geographical area, meaning demand is always high for the premium spaces on The Peak – where many of the world’s priciest properties are to be found.

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Geneva might be home to the United Nations and the Red Cross but it’s also a centre for banking, helping it forge a reputation for the the finer things in life. The city also sits at the edge of Lake Geneva, which is overlooked by many of the best mansions in Europe. These properties offer the best slice of the high life within access of a city also famed for its top class watches, chocolate and cheese.

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The huge Chinese capital city of Beijing is a powerhouse with a pedigree stretching back thousands of years. With China’s financial might proving a match for the US, Beijing plays a very prominent role in world affairs. High rise apartment blocks cater for luxury living here.

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Are world class cities with world class properties not quite enough for you? How about some world class sporting action thrown in for good measure? If no-one has crowned Melbourne as the planet’s sporting capital already then they should. Formula One, Aussie Rules and cricket all make for a varied and action packed sporting calendar. The Toorak mansions are the dream place to return to after a day’s top level sporting action too.

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New York


The very best cities and locations have a star appeal that almost needs no explanation. New York is at that level. The Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Statue of Liberty – the Big Apple boasts some of the world’s most iconic sites. The attraction spreads to property too. Penthouses with a view of the world’s most famous skyline or over Central Park make for some of the most sought-after addresses in the world.

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