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Maddi creates the most beautiful, covetable bath and body products for the elegant, sophisticated woman.  Historically natural products came in flowery eco-tubes for the earth mother out there.

I love her large, square glass jars of bath soaking salts – rich in Epsom salts and sea minerals and the glass bottles of bath and body oil that enrich your bathing experience!  If you want to be truly natural, don’t want any nasty chemicals near your skin but love your luxury touch then Maddi Alexander is the brand for you!

Check out the most gorgeous range of scents at Maddi’s website!   Amorous,  Eccentric,  Evocative,  Frivolous,  Revive,  Serene

About Maddi Alexander
Maddi Alexander is the luxury home and beauty collection with a conscience. Created using the highest quality ethically sourced ingredients, there is no compromise made in any part of our collection; from the beautiful packaging, to the careful sourcing of our essential oils. Natural and sustainable production and fair trade philosophies are at the heart of Maddi Alexander. We work with cooperatives in the developing world whenever possible. The Maddi Alexander collection offers a wonderful selection of luxury bath, body and home fragrance products, designed either to enhance your mood, or to seek to transform it.

At Maddi Alexander, we believe in using only the very best ingredients.

As we extend our exclusive range, our focus will always be upon ethically sourced natural ingredients; organically grown, and made by fair trade cooperatives in the developing world wherever possible.

This way our little luxuries are good for you, good for the environment, and good for the producers that we work with.

There is not a trace of any of the below in all of the Maddi Alexander collection,

No animal products
No synthetic perfume
Nothing derived from petrochemicals
No parabens
No sulphates
No toxins
No paraffin wax used in our candles
No lead used in our wicks

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