Make Sure Your Man Is Ready For 2014

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New Year, new you, new wardrobe. Well, what else would the New Year be for? With the post-Christmas sales now at their height, there are plenty of bargains to be found on those sale rails and across the pages of the internet. However, just because you’re organised doesn’t mean that everybody else is, what about the man in your life? As I’m sure we are all aware, getting men to go shopping can be difficult at the best of times; and the January sales are no exception. Despite this, your man has to be ready for the top trends of 2014 (and you may as well get them in the sale). Here’s exactly what you should both be looking for:

Fitted Blazers

Fitted blazers and suit jackets look set to be all the rage in the spring of 2014. A variation on all of the thick winter coats and parkas we have seen at the close of 2013, a fitted blazer provides a more elegant look that won’t be out of place on the high street, in the pub or at a high end restaurant. Brilliant with both t-shirts and shirts, blazers and suit jackets look set to be the must have item of 2014 due to their versatility and, as a result, you’re better off spending a little extra. If your man is interested in something extra special, it is well worth looking at bespoke tailors such as New and Lingwood.

Tan Brogues

Over the past 12-18 months, we have seen high street trends switch from casual to smart-casual and, as a result, trainers have been disappearing, with an increasing number of men opting for shoes instead. If your man doesn’t want to appear ultra formal out on the high street, then a pair of fashionable brogues is the best option, with the tan colour making them instantly noticeable and highly fashionable.

Chino Shorts

Finally, although not necessary a trend to pick up immediately in the sale, chino shorts look set to be big once again this year. Whether he prefers bold or bland, there will be an option for him and, with chino shorts set to be all over the high street this summer, be sure to look around. Having said that; be alert. The trend promises to be huge, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

So, there we have the top three men’s trends for 2014. With now being the perfect time to pick up a bargain, isn’t now the perfect time to drag him out shopping?

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