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Now that you have created a suitable base and your skin is primed and prepped – it is time to apply a skin evening product – you are looking to create a blank, flawless base on which to build your colour. Most of you plump for foundation but there are other options!


Tinted moisturiser


Classic fluid or mousse foundation


Cream to powder


Tinted Moisturiser


A tinted moisturiser isnt just for summer skin – use it for toned down weekend looks and nipping to the shops (if you can’t bear to leave the house without your “face”!  It creates a much more natural look than classic fluid foundation and also contains skin moisturising properties so your skin wins all round.  The classic “You Rebel” from Benefit is a British favourite and also comes in a “lite” version (in terms of coverage)

You Rebel!  by Benefit


Madara Moon Flower    Madara Sun Flower

You could try Madara’s award winning “Decoface” organic tinting fluid moon flower, which tints, illuminates and lightly moisturises the skin of the face and neck. Decoface organic tinting fluid moon flower evens out skin tone giving the skin freshness and radiance and helps to disguise imperfections and fine lines. A lighter alternative to foundation. Like daisy petals shimmering in the moonlight.  There’s also a “sun flower” version which gives the skin a fresh, radiant, and a summer glow.

Classic Fluid or mousse foundation

Pretty much every major cosmetics brands do a fluid foundation.  Trying to get the right shade can be hard and I always say – never buy (especially an expensive one) without trying it on.  Most makeup “houses” such as clinique, Chanel, Bobbi Brown will pop some on for you and I would highly recommend wearing it for the rest of the day to determine how it settles on your skin, how well it covers and how good a match it is for your skin tone/colour.

If you are in Boots/Superdrug – the best way is to go in with a naked face and one you have shortlisted to one or two, compare them side by side on your cheek AND on your chin.  The cheek will give you the colour guide as that is usually where you are rosiest but the chin will give you an idea of coverage and longevity as your chin is oilier than your cheek is.

Look to niche brands for your specific skin colour – eg if you are darker skinned, NARS and Bobbi Brown both do an outstanding range of darker shades.  Newly launched Dainty Doll by Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts, will appeal to the paler skinned girl who still can’t get a good colour match from your “high street” shades.  Nicola, being very fair skinned herself, has created the cosmetics range with colours that will flatter very pale skins.

Dainty Doll Foundation in “Very Light” (Boots, Harrods,

Dainty Doll foundation      Dainty Doll

New CID i-Perfect colour adjust foundation (reviewed by Nikki Okoroma)

New CID iPerfect

Having snared New CID’s i-perfect Colour Adjust Foundations in cocoa and mocha, I can tell you it’s a lot more than sleek futuristic packaging. To apply, you pump the bottle until a dot of the liquid foundation appears at the tip of the built-in brush. Place one dot on your forehead, cheeks and nose then sweep brush outwards. Coverage adjusts according to your skin tone and dries to a semi matt finish. I found a tiny amount of foundation lasted all day, gave no ashy appearance and most notably didn’t irritate my skin. It felt light too. Comes in six shades and retails for around £28.50

There are three ways to apply fluid foundation – with your fingers (good for keeping the fluid warm and increasing blendability) with a cosmetic sponge or with a special wide foundation brush.

Cream to Powder foundation

Hellow Flawless by Benefit

They’ve come a long way girls!  Cream to powder finish foundations aren’t the cakey, chalky formula they were in the 80’s.  Significant improvements have gone into making these products desirable once again, since they are versatile and portable!

Benefit’s “Some Kinda Gorgeous” is an excellent example, it comes in three shades and its oil-free formulation gives your skin a silky, even finish without the heavy look or feel of traditional fluid foundation.  This foundation “faker” is brilliant for summer holidays, clubs, sports – anywhere that you want a nice foundation finish but not the weight.

And finally…….Concealer

I don’t find I need concealer every day and there are different kinds of concealer for different tasks.  If you are looking to hide those dark circles and brighten you eye area – a wand or pen is the ideal solution, it is very light and doesn’t drag the delicate under eye area.

For blemishes and red areas, such as spider veins, something like Benefit’s “Hello Flawless” can be used in a number of different ways to create that flawless base!

Hello Flawless

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