Makeup Masterclass – Part 1

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A step by step monthly guide to creating a fabulous face!


Each month I will be building up the basic and secret skills to choosing and applying the makeup in order to create subtle or dramatic looks.  Starting with priming your skin before even applying any makeup products – through to creating stunning party looks closer to Christmas.  In collaboration with brands that I feel have the “makeup artist” feel about them – we will be showing you the essential kit and tools for your makeup and hand bags!

Lesson One

Priming your face before applying makeup


An often missed step as people feel they don’t have much time in the mornings, taking the opportunity here will actually increase the longevity of your base and colour.  There are various products on the market to accomplish this;

Pore Refining

If you apply makeup straight onto your skin and you have visible or enlarged pores – the foundation may settle in the pores.  Even if your foundation reads “non-comedogenic” which means it shouldn’t clog pores – it still can create an uneven look.  Benefit have a great solution for enlarged pores – Porefessional (£23.50)Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin.  It can also be used to touch up during the day.  “Go from pore me to perfect me!”


You can buy Benefit Porefessional online or at Debenhams/Boots/Good department stores.

Foundation primer

If you don’t have any pore traumas – a foundation primer would be advised as the perfect base before applying your foundation.  A pea sized blob is all that is required, this wonder product will smooth your skin out and allow the foundation to hold better.  This should increase the longevity of the foundation you apply by at least several hours – meaning you can go from office to dinner without having to retouch your foundation.


Editor Recommends – This is a great primer that I use myself and it is nicely applied, doesn’t make the skin feel greasy and allows a professional finish to be achieved with your foundation.

You can buy New CID Foundation Primer from their website or at selected House of Frasers and Debenhams nationwide – £27 RRP 

Eyelid Primer

Ever got to lunchtime, especially using cheap eyeshadow and released there was very little colour left?  By taking a few seconds to apply this base coat to your eyelids will ensure that your colours stay brighter for longer! It’s not an attempt to sell more products from the makeup brands – it genuinely does work and a very little goes a long way so it’s a great investment.


Benefits Stay Don’t Stray would be a great product to do this job –  This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don’t crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and true.

Stay Don’t Stray retails at £19.50 and can be bought at their online store or in a good department store nationwide.

Colour corrector

If you have redness in the cheeks or darker thread veins you are trying to cover over, now  is the time to apply a concealer with a green-ish tinge to correct the colour imbalance. Something with a creamier texture or fluid would be good as you can adjust the quantity and coverage.  L’Oreal have developed a range of “Studio Secrets” products to tackle more specific problems like this. 


 Something like the Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer would be ideal in these problem areas.  Superdrug stocks Studio Secrets for £10.29


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